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See Broadway Shows for Less with TodayTix – Promo Code Too!

If this week had a theme, it would be new (to me) apps/sites and accompanying discount codes. I wanted to share with you all today a new to get todaytix promo codediscounted Broadway tickets with TodayTix!  A TodayTix promo code is included in this post too!

For years, when family was in town, we headed to TKTS to see what discounted Broadway tickets we could score. With TodayTix, it eliminates the waiting in line for tickets, wondering what you are going to get. Instead, simply download the app and see what shows are available at a discounted price over the next week. From opening it just now, I can see that:

  • If/Then with Idina Menzel starts at $42 (saving me 49%) for shows next week, Tuesday- Thursday
  • Matilda starts at $37 (saving me 49%) for shows over the next week, except Sunday and Monday (it’s dark Monday)
  • Wicked starts at $62 (saving me 35%) for all shows except when it’s dark Monday

Now I will note – some of these prices, like Matilda tickets for example, I can easily get from going to the box office. But what’s nice about TodayTix is the interface makes it really easy to see the prices tickets start at and availability – no more searching on different sites to find the best deals. And you can also flag certain shows (like Book of Mormon) to alert you when ticket prices fall.  Fees for purchasing tickets through TodayTix are $5 – $10 per ticket, which is a little less than $8 – $15 that Ticketmaster charges. As always, I advise that you do your comparison shopping before buying tickets!

Naturally, I have a TodayTix promo code to share with you. Use the code CYISU (my referral code) at checkout, and you’ll save $20 off your order.

Thanks to my friend Hailey for posting about TodayTix to Facebook and inspiring me to download it!

Pay What You Wish at Just Salad’s New Chelsea Location

Today, pay what you wish for a salad or wrap at the new Chelsea Just Salad location on 8th Ave and 17th Street. This promo is good from noon – 1:30 and 6-7:30 pm. Details below – thanks Ludmila for the tip!

Get a Personal Chef with Kitchensurfing – Promo Code Too!

The nice part about having a blog is sometimes I get pitched from PR people some really cool ideas – so today I want to share with you details on Kitchensurfing (promo code included too!).

I love the concept of Kitchensurfing – Kitchensurfing brings personal chefs to your home. I always feel like when I have a group of friends over, I spend the whole time worrying about what to make and the whole time during the dinner party, I’m cleaning up after everyone or praying that I don’t burn something in the kitchen. On the flipside,  when I’m at a restaurant, I somehow end up spending much more than I anticipated on dinner and the night out, because I don’t want the time with my friends to end, so we end up going to a bar, continuing to drink, etc.

With Kitchensurfing, you can get a personal chef to come to your home and cook you and your friends dinner, Monday – Friday. Just keep in mind that the chef can cook for between two and six people, and charges just $25 a person. Best of all, they handle clean up. And then you can spend time lingering around with your friends and hanging out – instead of loitering in a restaurant.

You can pick a menu during the week ahead of time or you can pick a menu for that night, as long as you pick a menu before 3pm. From my research, there’s a vegetarian, pescatarian and a “regular” option nightly – they will note if dairy-free. You can pick the time slot that you’d like your meal to arrive and it’s in half-hour time slots. So if you pick 6-6:30, the chef arrives at 6, with dinner on the table at 6:30.

Below are the menu options available this Thursday, January 29th – the PR team who sent me info thought Thursday would be a great idea to have a viewing party for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder on ABC!:

  • Shredded Free Range Chicken with Tomatillo Salsa, Pinto Bean Mash, and Green Bean Salad
  • Pan-Roasted Cod with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart
  • Garbanzo, Kale, and Fried Egg Tartine with Roasted Root Vegetables

Now as I promised, I do have promo codes available. You can get $25 towards your first dinner by signing up through my referral link here – note same day dinners are only available below 116th Street in Manhattan.  Unfortunately, Kitchensurfing isn’t in my area yet – Astoria. However, I can book larger parties for 6-16 people for $50 a person, getting 3-course meals and can peruse a variety of menus. A $50 promo code is available for these types of meals (can’t be combined) and you can find that here. 

kitchensurfing promo code

Free Jet Membership – a New Costco-Like Shopping Site

I’m sure I caught your eye with the words “Free Jet Membership.” But what is it?

If you aren’t lucky to live near Costco like me or drive a 2001 mini-van so you can get to Costco,/Target easily Jet is an online shopping club. Jet is going to launch in the next month, with limited signups starting February 20 and according to Bloomberg Businessweek,  “Customers will find just about everything, from clothes, books, and electronics to baby goods and athletic gear. After a 90-day free trial period, Jet customers will be asked to pay $49.99 a year for access to what Lore claims will be prices that are 10 percent to 15 percent lower than anywhere else online.”  Jet is started by the founder of Quidsi, which launched diapers.com – and now there’s soap.com, wag.com, beauty.com – so I think the folks at Jet will definitely know what they are doing!

Instead of getting just 3 months free, you can get up to 6 months free if you sign up before February 6. You’ll see when you sign up that if you refer your friends, you’ll get bonuses too (disclosure: I’ve linked to Jet using my referral link). I’ve included some of the benefits of shopping on Jet below. Shout out to Shop Girl Daily for the tip – and hopefully we’ll be able to try this service soon and let you know what we think.

Free Jet Membership


Try Sofritas at Chipotle, Get a Free Burrito

Interesting deal at Chipotle going on today! Order any burrito, bowl or salad and skip the chicken or beef and order the organic tofu Sofritas instead, today, Monday, January 26th and you’ll be able to get a FREE burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos of your choice.  You just need to bring your receipt back between January 27 – February 28 in order to get the freebie.

If you’ve wanted to try the tofu – I’ve been curious! – now is the time. Big shoutout to my buddy Sam for the tip!

Dunkin’ Donuts Offers Reward For Downloading App & Registering Gift Card

Earlier this week, I told you guys about the benefits of downloading the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts app.

Dunkin’ Donuts just sweetened the deal. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet and have a gift card on hand, I suggest you download the app now and register your card. You’ll get a bonus $5 gift card PLUS a free drink when you enter code “BONUS” – all of which will be stored on the app.


Ditch the Gift Cards, Pay with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts Apps

We were sitting at a bar last weekend, when my friend Dave of Barton’s Bites whipped out his money clip and I saw several coffee pay with starbucks appgift cards. I immediately asked Dave – don’t you know you can pay with Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts apps? He was amazed that he didn’t need to lug these cards around.

It’s simple – download the apps on iOS or Android and add your gift cards to the app. You can then transfer all your balances into one digital card and when you check out at your favorite coffee shop like Starbucks, all you have to do is hit pay and show the barcode on your phone, and the balance will be deducted from your card. Best of all, you can throw out those gift cards – less clutter!

The apps both have other features too – the Starbucks app allows you to earn stars, every time you pay with the app. You can redeem these stars for free food and drink.  The Dunkin’ Donuts app also offers rewards, but is filled with mobile coupons that you can redeem as well. Not bad!

Do you use any apps from any chains to save money? Let us know!



Classpass Deals: Join Classpass This Weekend, Save $50

Editor’s note: Hi all – you’ll receive the savings in the form of a Visa gift card after signing up. Here’s the fine print. Cash rewards to be paid as Visa gift cards; all referrers and friends will be contacted byClassPass via email to confirm shipping addresses for the gift cards. I am happy to send you the referral email I received for your records, if you’d like. Just comment below!

If you’re trying to get fit in 2015 or live a healthier lifestyle, now’s the time to sign up for Classpass – thanks to Classpass Dealsthis Classpass deal. I’ve written about Classpass a few times since I joined in May – I’m obsessed with it. For $99 a month, you get to enjoy gym classes at a hundreds or so participating studios in different cities around the country. The only catch is you can go to one studio up to three times a month (so you won’t be able to go to Flywheel every single day).

So many studios participate here in New York, and what’s been awesome is that usually these classes are valued at around $20-$30 – so if you are going to work out at least 3 times a month at these boutique fitness classes it’s worth it. And now that Classpass has expanded to 20 other cities, if you are home for the weekend or on a business trip, you can work out there for free (I’ll be taking a barre class when I’m in Chicago for work next week!).

I’ve been doing Classpass since May and can tell that I’m getting stronger and finally seeing muscles I think I’ve never seen before. I work out in the morning, Monday – Friday, and certainly have my list of favorite classes. I’ve tried things I’ve never tried before – boxing, barre, spin in a pool – and while I still wish I could hit snooze every morning and sleep in until 8am, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of making use of my Classpass.

If you have any questions, comment or shoot me a note about Classpass! If you’d like to sign up and save $50 (disclosure: I’ll get a referral too), you can do so here.

Mark Your Calendar! Free Tea at Teavana This Weekend!

So this post is about free tea at Teavana. But let’s digress shall we…

Up until about two years ago, I didn’t drink tea. And then in the past month or so in my office, we started having Teavana tea lying around (disclosure: client of my agency). I started drinking it – and before you know it, I was asking girls in our office to have tea time with me daily because I couldn’t get enough of it. My favorite flavor? The cococaramel sea salt herbal tea - aftertaste of hot chocolate, without the fat full feeling. Let’s just put it this way. I like this tea so much that I, the non-tea drinker, has just registered for a tea infuser on my wedding registry.

Ok so back to the point – FREE TEA! To celebrate National Hot Tea Month and help people start a healthy new tea ritual, Teavana is offering customers a free handcrafted Winterberry hot tea (16 oz) or iced tea (22 oz) beverage on Saturday, January 17. Made from a radiant blend of some of the highest quality green teas infused with flavorful hints of strawberry and citrus, Winterberry is the newest addition to Teavana’s handcrafted beverage menu and now available at all Teavana stores.

You can snag your free tea at the following locations, this Saturday:

  • Broadway at 81st
  • Lexington and E 87th
  • Madison and 85th
  • 63rd and Third Ave
  • 9th and Broadway

Teavana also invites you to share your Winterberry tea experience using #TeavanaTime on Twitter and Instagram.


20at20 is Back!

20at20One of my favorite theater promotions, is 20at20 – show up 20 minutes before a show, and get tickets at the box office for $20. This year’s 20at20 runs from January 20 – February 8. Over 40 shows are participating (my pick is Avenue Q!), but note that it’s subject to availability and restrictions may apply – some box offices also take cash only. My advice? Call ahead to see if there are tickets left before you head to the box office as you wouldn’t want to wait in line for something that’s sold out. You also may want to consider picking a show that has a few theaters nearby in case it’s sold out, and I’ve had more success on weekdays than weekends.

While this is a great deal, we’re making it even better. One lucky winner will receive tickets to 2 20at20 shows – tickets will be in the form of vouchers that you can redeem during a specific period of time. Simply fill out the form below – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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