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How to Do a Bedroom Makeover in a City Apartment on a Budget

Guest Post by Danielle Hegedus


Via Modernize

Personalizing your space in a city apartment can be a challenge. Most of us are working off of a budget, and if that didn’t already preclude a major furniture overhaul, transportation and many many flights of stairs would put the kibosh on that idea. That said, New York is a city full of artists ready to make the transition from “struggling” to “working.” Buy their work and turn your bedroom into a gallery of up and coming artists! There are also fantastic thrift and antique stores where you can find unique and affordable furniture, as well as smaller items to enhance your decor like picture frames, vases, and light fixtures. Spend a few hours roaming around Brooklyn Junk and you’re sure to find some design inspiration. Finally, don’t be afraid to be a little unorthodox. At Modernize, we know that New York is a city full of people whose creativity is fueled, not defeated, by limited square footage. Read on for tips on how to makeover your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Add Your Own Personal-But-Not-Permanent Touch with Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper gets a bad rap. Allegedly, it’s hard to put up and even worse to remove, and apparently, it’s only for your grandmother! Not anymore. Removable wallpaper (sometimes called renter’s wallpaper) comes in an incredible selection of patterns and colors. It comes in small, easy to adhere sheets—no giant rolls to contend with and no soaking in water. To remove, wipe with a damp sponge. It’s super easy and stylish! You can find removable wallpaper almost anywhere these days. Shop around online or look at patterns in person at stores like Lowe’s and Urban Outfitters.



Use Washi Tape to Make a Gallery Wall

We love a good gallery wall and typically recommend them as a way to inject color and style into a room that you can’t paint. If you like the idea of a gallery wall, but want to skip the high cost of custom framing (or the whole hammer and nails part), another great option is washi tape. Washi tape is highly decorative, so you can choose a pattern that you love. Plus it comes off of walls easily and leaves no permanent marks. You can tape off a pattern or create faux frames to add a fun, yet sophisticated look to your walls. You can find it at craft and scrapbooking stores or online.

Via Her Campus

Via Her Campus

Warm Up Your Space With Custom Lighting

Skip the standard overhead light, and warm up your space with lamps You’ll completely change the look of the room without having to do any rewiring. Choose lamps that are cohesive with your furniture and other design choices to pull the room together. If you’re strapped for space, mount lightweight lamps to the wall—a great idea for night time readers.


Via Modernize

Via Modernize

Add Height to Your Room with DIY Oversized Headboard

Creating a headboard out of an unexpected object, like a tapestry or curtain as shown here, creates a point of interest in the room. It makes a bold statement, maximizes the height of your ceilings, and allows your style to take front and center. Even better, this huge design element takes up almost no room. Salvaged doors or windows (if anchored properly) can also make eye-catching headboards while having the added benefit of being environmentally and budget friendly!

Via Decozilla

Via Decozilla

Upcycle Your Possessions to Create Functional and Stylish Furniture

Storage is always a challenge with New York apartments, so why not make the most of the items you already own? Repurpose a bookshelf or even a step ladder as a nightstand. Love vintage suitcases? Stack them to create a bedside table and you can even store books or out-of-season clothes in them to make the space do double duty. There’s no reason to be matchy-matchy when you can be eclectic.


Via DIY Ready

Via DIY Ready

Free Food at Croxley’s Abbey Thursday and Friday

After writing this blog for almost 7 years, I’m amazed when I’m stumped by a free food at a bar deal. And last night I stumbled across Croxley’s Abbey while on the web. Located on Grand between Wythe and Kent in Williamsburg, according to Time Out New York, there’s free mussels, wings and boneless tenders at the bar from 5-7pm – according to their own website, this special is available at the bar every Thursday and Friday. Now that’s a reason to try to get out of work early and get to W-burg!

Free Music and Beer on Wednesday

Want to know how to get my attention? Send me an email with the words “free beer” in the subject line. 

This Wednesday, swing by PURSUIT, a new, monthly event showcasing emerging music on the terrace of the Sixty Lower East Side hotel, on Allen between Houston and Stanton.

What can you expect?

​- ​A live performance by SOLVEY (Autre Ne Veut / Hooray For Earth / Zambri).
​- DJ sets by ERIKA SPRING (Au Revoir Simone) + FRANCIS GARCIA (SIOLM).
​- Free admission and complimentary S​ixpoint beer with RSVP http://donyc.com/pursuit
Event runs from 6:30- 9pm. You must RSVP. Enjoy!

Save Money Easily With Digit

Now that we’re married, my husband(!) and I are really focused on saving money so we can buy a house. We’ve been trying a ton of different money saving apps, and one of the ones I’ve really Digit Reviewliked using is Digit, a free website that helps you save.

I signed up for Digit 2 weeks ago – since then I’ve saved $73 without even realizing it. With Digit, you connect your bank account, and every 2-3 days, they will take anywhere from $5 – $50 and put it in to your Digit account. They analyze your bank lifestyle in order to determine how much money to take out.

You’ll get text messages almost daily from Digit with your account balance and details on how much money Digit’s saved you. If you need that money, simply text withdraw or type pause if you are about to spend a huge chunk of money and don’t want Digit to pull anything from your bank account. But don’t worry about Digit overdrafting – they have a no-overdraft guarantee (read: they’ll pay the fee) so you don’t really have to worry about it.

My husband and I have a goal of saving a certain amount of money each month, and I like that Digit is slowly taking money out of our bank account. When it comes to making a big deposit into our savings end of the month, it’ll be nice to know that Digit already put some of this aside for me. If you are just getting started saving money and are the type of person who uses your debit account all the time, it’s great because if the money is slowly taken out and not there, you don’t have to worry about spending it.

Since opening my account two weeks ago, I’ve had a total of 7 transfers, with an average of $10 per transfer. If I keep my money in my Digit account for 3 months, I will be eligible for bonuses (5 cents per $100). I’m including a screenshot of my Digit dashboard so you can see my savings.

If you want to give Digit a try, check it out here! (Full disclosure: I will receive $5 per each signup to Digit – once you sign up, you’re eligible to earn referrals too). 


More Free Ice Cream

It’s another hot day! Enjoy free ice cream today, thanks to an ice cream truck promoting Chinese tourism. Swing by Flatiron Plaza (5th and 23rd) today, August 20 to try free scoops of traditional Chinese flavors like Sweet Olive and Longjing Tea.

The truck will be there from 11am – 6pm. As always, get there early to avoid any ice cream selling out!

$1 Fish Tacos Every Thursday at Dempsey’s Pub

Last week I told you about some of the great happy hour deals at Dempsey’s Pub in the East Village, on 2nd Ave and East 4th Street. Here’s another deal that they have going on

Photo via Yelp

all night Thursday. Swing in for $1 fish tacos all night long. Enjoy!

Free Ice Cream (and Watches!) Today!

It is freaking hot outside. Thankfully, there is free ice cream today. Keep an eye on an ice cream truck from Refinery 29 and Timex today at the following locations. They’ll be handing out free cones and watches – fun! Track the truck using #TimexScoops and tag any Instagram shots with that hashtag for a chance to win a $1500 gift card.

Locations and times include:

  • Union Square (Union Square West and 17th Street) – 11:00 a.m.
  • Flatiron (Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street) – 12:30 p.m.
  • Washington Square Park (Fifth Avenue entrance) – 2:00 p.m.
  • Soho (Broadway, between Houston and Spring streets) – 3:30 p.m.

$5 Lyft Rides within Manhattan – Plus $20 Credit

I was very intrigued when an email hit my inbox last night – have you heard of Lyft? Lyft is a competitor to Uber and they have a service similar to Uber Pool like Lyft Line. They are offering $5lyft Lyft Line rides anywhere in Manhattan south of 97th Street. With Lyft Line, you request a car, and if another person requests the same route, they will pick that person up on the way. Note I have done a Lyft Line every time I’ve used the service and no one has ever joined me on the ride.

Additionally, if you are traveling this summer, Lyft has two discount codes to save on airport transfers – FLYJFK and FLYLGA – you’ll save $5 off your ride. Here’s a list of more airport codes too in case you find yourself in San Diego or Nashville or somewhere else fun and need a ride!

Finally, if you haven’t joined Lyft yet, sign up using my referral code - you’ll get a $20 credit towards your first ride.

Visit Amusement Parks with The Coaster Bus

A long time ago back when our group of friends didn’t have cars, my friends and I would head to Port Authority and buy a bus ticket/amusement park combo and head to Six Flags in New

A flume ride selfie before selfies were a thing back in 2009 at Six Flags

A flume ride selfie before selfies were a thing back in 2009 at Six Flags

Jersey. It was always a fun trip, and there were tons of memorable quotes from the hours spent in lines that I still remember to this day.

If you’ve done the Six Flags thing and want to find a new amusement park to go to, have no fear. There’s now The Coaster Bus. When I saw this launch announcement come across my inbox, I immediately thought of all my amusement park trips years ago.

So what’s The Coaster Bus? The Coaster Bus provides affordable day trips to over a dozen theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks within a three-hour drive of New York City. The Coaster Bus offers several trip packages, ranging from $60 for transportation-only tickets to over $135 for premium experiences. The best package deals include comfortable transportation, park admission tickets, an in-park meal, and complimentary snacks on the bus ride.

The Coaster Bus typically departs between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM (depending on the park distance) to allow for a full day of fun at the park. Most trips return to the city by 10:30PM that evening. Parks with regular bus service include:


What I like is that no matter where you live, there are convenient pick-up locations (versus years ago, when we all had to head to Port Authority, my least favorite spot in Manhattan). I’ve noticed that each park has about 3 pick up locations.

  • MIDTOWN WEST: 33rd St. and 8th Ave. (Subway Lines A, C, E, 1, 2, 3)
  • MIDTOWN EAST: 33rd St. and Lexington Ave. (Subway Line 6)
  • QUEENS: Long Island City, near the Court Square station (Subway Lines E, M, 7, G)
  • UPPER EAST SIDE: 68th St and 1st Ave. (Subway Line 6)
  • YORKVILLE: 86th and York (Subway Lines 4, 5, 6)

You can find a schedule of upcoming park visits here.

Fast $20 Cash in 15 Minutes

One of our loyal readers Ludmila sent me this today – if you fit the profile, you may want to reach out to make a quick $20.

A company that creates 3D models needs to take pictures of people to practice.  Our reader tried this out and said it took about 15 minutes, and in exchange for her time, she received $20. The company is specifically looking for anyone of Asian descent to photograph, any age, male or female. The company, located near Battery Park, is looking to capture photos between 9-5:45 Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Interested? Just share your name, gender, ethnic background, preferred date/time and email to LMerka@gmail.com – Ludmila will then make sure you get a confirmation email from the company.

Good luck!

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