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Jasmine – Where’s the Lunch Special?

paid thai


Editor’s note: This place is now closed.

After being told repeatedly at a Rutgers football game that Jasmine was the place for Thai on the UES, I headed over to 84th and 2nd for lunch while working from home.  Granted it was 2pm on Friday in one of the more residential areas of the city, but we were the only people inside the restaurant.  Maybe it was the high expectations, but the experience was just a little bit above average.  While the Pad Thai was delicious, the Mee Ga-thi was lacking chicken and shrimp.  What I didn’t understand though was why there wasn’t a lunch special.  I understand that Thai is one of the most affordable meals and the amount of food wasn’t lacking, but one of the thrills of escaping the office and going to lunch is to enjoy a great meal at a less expensive price.

Overall, I would go back for Pad Thai and maybe check it out as takeout.  However, I’d watch who I’d go back with.  The decor isn’t anything trendy, so if you are trying to give friends the “NYC trendy experience” or do a girls night out, I’d definitely head to Sea (yes, in Brooklyn) or PT 212 (Flatiron).  If you are looking though to get to know someone or catch up with a friend in a more intimate setting, Jasmine may be a place to try.

The Basics
Name:  Jasmine
Location:  1619 Second Ave between 84th and 85th
Who to Take: Friend you are catching up with
Price:  Typical NYC – $$
Overall:  They better have coupons.  Three stars.

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3 comments to Jasmine – Where’s the Lunch Special?

  • caryn

    “…but one of the thrills of escaping the office and going to lunch…” did you really escape “the office” on friday? or is that a fib?

  • bird

    Joya (score two for BK) and Pam Real Thai in Hell’s Kitchen also offer slamming pad thai. And for the record, I’m glad you were enjoying your non-lunch special thai food while I was slaving away on anurag.

  • Doug

    Excellent review, but when it comes to Asian food I would really like to know how it stacks up as far as leftovers. I agree with you on the appeal of the lunch special versus a normal price, but I am usually willing to pay more during lunch if I feel like I’m paying not just for that meal, but dinner that night as well. Thus, a ten dollar lunch could quickly become two $5 dollar meals. And, in my mind, I’ll take that over a $7 lunch special with no longevity.

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