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Taste of Italy in the UES

Guest Post by Caryn, Gramercy Correspondent

I used to live in the east 60s, and one of my staples was Angels Restaurant on 62nd and 1st. This place has been around forever and is known for its wide assortment of delicious pastas, among other classic Italian dishes. The portions are huge and the prices are unusually low for this quality of food in Manhattan…I can always get two or three meals out of every dish. If you eat there, versus order in, you can get most of the pastas for $12 or under. Favorites include the Gnocchi Della Casa, San Angelo and ravioli (either the Ravioli or Ravioli Della Casa). While I love spinach, I did find the Melanzane Sorrentino to be overpowered by it a bit. You can mix and match any pasta and sauce (the arrabiata sauce is very tasty, but very spicy!) and they have great salads to start with. But the best is the fresh bread they put out at the beginning of the meal. The breads are warm and range from whole wheat to seasoned bread stuffed with salami, and served with olive oil to dip. If you’re in the area, it’s in your best interest to stop by Angels.

The Basics
Name: Angels Restaurant
Location: 1135 First Avenue
Who to take: Anyone (family, friends, a date)
Price: Typical NYC – $$
Overall: Become a regular.  5 Stars.

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14 comments to Taste of Italy in the UES

  • Doug

    Bread stuffed with salami? That sounds delicious, and almost like a meal in itself. Tell me Caryn, is this a possible location for me to go all olive garden? Can I go, enjoy 8 slices of bread, order a $3 bowl of soup and hit the road?

  • Caryn

    Dearest Doug, Angels is not like the Olive Garden. It is many steps above. You can eat lots of bread and order soup, but the soup will be $6. Contrary to popular belief, the Olive Garden is not cheap – at least not the one in New York. Their soups are $6-7, and most pastas cost as much or more than the pastas at Angels, so the choice, my friend, is an easy one.

  • Doug

    Thanks for clearing that up Caryn. Pasta is often one of the few meals that I choose not to order in restaurants because I feel like I can make it myself just as easily. However, since I trust that you could serve as the mascot for Angels, I’m willing to make an exception in this case.

  • Caryn

    I’m glad you’re willing to take a leap of faith. Maybe we can go together. I mentioned in my review that it’s good to go with friends or a date. You pick.

  • Doug

    Well Caryn, this is a certainly a digital first for me. As much as I trust that you would make an excellent date, I would love to join you and your friends so that I can try a variety of dishes and really get a feel for food. Do you have a roommate that would be willing to join us?

  • Caryn

    Wow Doug. I have to say I’m disappointed. I thought you’d accept my proposal and leave me with a beautiful song lyric to set the mood for our upcoming date, like “A bottle of red, a bottle of white, perhaps a bottle of rose instead…”

    (not sure why that popped in my head)

  • Doug

    To the Rolling Stones Classic “Angie”

    Caryn, Caryn, when will these cubes dissapear?

    Caryn, Caryn, please lead us away from here.

    With no food in our homes and no money in our coats

    I trust Angels can satisfy

    But, Caryn, Caryn, I hope you say that we tried…Tomorrow, next Tuesday or Wednesday?

  • Caryn's Roommate

    Caryn’s roommate here…how about next Thursday?

  • Jim

    Sounds tasty, Pam.

    Too bad we must end our specialness that we once had simply because I stumbled upon this fascinating blog and I saw your online romance with this fellow named Doug.

    It was good while it lasted. Good Day!

    Your Ex,

  • Caryn

    No Jim, NO! You have a photo of Julianne Hough in your cube, how do you think that makes me feel? Besides, I think you like pandas more than me. Exhibit A) The newspaper clipping that you gave me of pandas in an advertisement for The Sex Lives of Animals exhibition at the Museum of Sex.

    And Katie, my roommate, yes, next Thursday works! Doug – you in?

  • Doug

    Well, I made a dodgeball commitment and I believe our next game is that same Thursday. So depending on the timing I am of course in. I hope we can work around it.

    So its me, Caryn and Caryn’s roomate – I’ll go ahead and make a reservation for two.

  • Caryn's Roommate

    You are a nasty little man and I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Kelly

    I was recently in NYC and tried to make a reservation and the number for Angels has been disconnected. Do you know if it has closed or moved? It was one of my favourite spots and I alwasy visited when in NYC.

  • Caryn

    Fear not, Kelly. It has re-opened under a new name – Espresso Caffe. The prices could have gone up a bit, but I’m hoping it’s the same quality food that we’ve come to love. I haven’t checked it out since it’s re-opening, so if you go, let us know what you think!


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