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Chinatown NeverVisitingAgain

Last night in the snow, we decided to order in from Chinatown East, a Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant on third avenue between 92nd and 93rd.  Honestly, the fact that it served cuisine from all over Asia probably should have been the first red flag.  A friend and I decided to split Chicken Pad Thai, and we ordered edamame and an egg roll, while my roommate had General Tsaos.  My roommate raved about the General Tsaos (and yes, it was okay but how hard is it to screw up General Tsaos?  Even the cafeteria at Marist College had great General Tsaos..).  As far as our appetizers, my egg roll was really oily and my friend complained the edamame wasn’t that good.  You really have to try hard to ruin beans sprinkled in salt.

My meal, however, was probably one of the most disgusting meals I’ve ever eaten.  The Chicken Pad Thai literally looked like spaghetti, with chicken and onions in it, with maybe 5 peanuts sprinkled on top.   There was almost no sauce and it was as if the meal was just tinted a light brown, so we’d think it was Pad Thai.  After spending $8.95 on this entree, you can bet that we were determined to eat it, but the only way we could was by putting peanut butter on it and warming it up in the microwave.

So thanks to a jar of Skippy, the meal was actually edible, but for some reason I felt dirty the rest of the night.  Alex and I fought who would be forced to take the leftovers.  Ultimately, the garbage can won.

The Basics
Name:  Chinatown East
Location: 1650 3rd Ave (between 92nd and 93rd)
Who to Take:  No one, because it’s awful
Price: Even a homeless man can afford it. $.
Overall:  I’d rather starve.  One star.

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