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“Talent” Thai Kitchen

The one nice thing about working during a holiday week is that you have the ability to enjoy a lunch that isn’t at your desk.  That being said, my co-workers and I headed over to Talent Thai Kitchen on 34th between 2nd and 3rd.  For it being 1:30 on a Monday, the place was relatively empty – granted it’s a holiday week, but I was a little surprised.  The place is relatively small, so luckily the restaurant was able to accompany my group of 8.

I love when restaurants have lunch specials, and Talent Thai Kitchen offers a variety of curry, noodle dishes and stir frys for $7.95.  This price includes a drink and if getting a non-noodle dish, you also get a side of rice.  So with tax and tip, you can be out the door for $10.

Most of my friends and I ordered chicken pad thai or drunken noodle.  To me, the drunken noodle was really spicy.  Granted you can order it at different spice levels, but even those who ordered it at the normal level said it was a little too hot.  My dish, the chicken pad thai, was much better than a recent thai experience at Chinatown East.  However, it was lacking tofu and a strong peanut taste.  Instead, it tasted a little more like tomatoes.  And another thing that drove me crazy was that my plate was freezing cold.  Before even biting into my food, I actually was worried it might be cold since the plate literally felt like it was just removed from the refrigerator.

Overall, Tasty Thai Kitchen offers a great value and really wonderful service.  Our servers were quick to answer any questions and shared their opinions on their favorite dishes.  While I appreciate a good value and great service, the quality of the food just didn’t do it for me.

The Basics
Name:  Talent Thai Kitchen
Location:  210 E. 34th St
Who to Take: Co-workers, friends, date
Price: Even a homeless man can afford it.  $.
Overall:  They better have coupons.  3 stars.

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3 comments to “Talent” Thai Kitchen

  • Lauren

    I enjoyed my lunch at Thai Kitchen with the Peppercom crew. The green curry was excellent, but I recommend asking for extra heat if you like it spicy!

  • McKenna Lowry

    I could really make it as a hand model.

    And drunken noodle was good.

  • Caryn

    FYI – there is no “drunken noodle” on the menu…if you want it, you need to order the spicy basil noodle dish. and yes, it was very spicy, but very flavorful.

    also , i disagree with laura’s assessment of the pad thai. i liked it alot when i tried it and didn’t notice a “tomato” taste. to each their own…

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