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Traveling Treats: Primanti Brothers, an Edible Tradition

Guest Post By Caryn Donohue, Gramercy Correspondent

Now Pittsburgh may not be the most “happening” place in the country, but if you ever find yourself in the Steel City you must stop by the famous Primanti Brothers to taste a piece of Pittsburgh history – a sandwich stacked with the meat of your choice (fish and cheese combos are available for you vegetarians), cheese, coleslaw, tomatoes, and French fries…all for $5-7. What started as a trucker joint in the 1930s has developed into a full-fledged landmark for locals and visitors, and is often compared to Rutger’s Grease Trucks.

I was in Pittsburgh recently and got to try a new item on the menu – the Buffalo chicken sandwich.  The bread wasn’t too crispy or soft (I’m picky on the texture of my bread), the chicken was grilled and saturated in Buffalo sauce and the blue cheese dressing (which I got on the side because I can’t handle too much of that stuff) was the perfect complement.  After paying for transportation costs to get to Pittsburgh, my friends and I were excited to have such tasty and cheap food before a night of Halloween mayhem.

Everyone was happy with their choices, and sandwiches included the #2 best-seller item on the menu – the Pitts-burgher Cheese Steak (beer is the #1 best seller), fish, and capicola, and one strange friend dared to try a salad with a side of fries, and even she was pleased with the meal (if you think that pairing is weird, the next day at brunch someone ordered a salad and it unknowingly came with French fries on top…my friend and local culinary expert said they put French fries on everything out there).  So next time you’re near The ‘Burgh, make a pit stop at a nearby Primanti Brothers…the only hard part is finding a way to squeeze all that deliciousness in your mouth.

The Basics
Name: Primanti Brothers
Location:  14 locations in Pittsburgh, and two in Florida
Who to Bring: Anyone with an appetite
Price: Even a homeless man can afford it. $.
Overall:  Become a regular. 5 Stars.

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