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Vespa – An Italian Gem on the UES

This week I headed over to one of my favorite spots on the UES, Vespa.  Vespa is a great Italian restaurant on 2nd avenue between 84th and 85th.  I’ve been here three times – once with friends, once with my parents and another time with my friend’s parents – and no matter what, it’s always a crowd pleaser.  The decor is very chic and on my last visit it was decorated for the holidays in a unique fashion with ornaments hanging from the ceiling. The servers are really great as well, very attentive and the moment we walked into the restaurant, offered to take our coats for us so that we’d have a better dining experience.

My favorite part about Vespa is that the menu changes each season.  While they always have a black linguine dish or pasta with scallops, their slight twist on the menu is always enjoyable.  Personally, I’m a fan of both the winter and autumn menus and strongly recommend their fettuccine with scallops.  In autumn, the dish comes with sweet peas and a garlic cream sauce, while the winter dish substitutes asparagus instead.

I don’t believe the first plate menu portion, or antipasto if you will, changes seasonally.  If interested in getting a salad, I suggest sharing it with a friend since salads are quite large.  My roommate and I really enjoyed the Vespa salad, with rugola, endive, mushroom, shaved parmigiano, roasted peppers and tomatos – absolutely delicious.  If you share a salad and enjoy your own plate of pasta, you should be all set.

If you are going to head over to Vespa, my recommendation is to go on a Tuesday and make reservations.  Tuesday is wine club night, and bottles are half off and there isn’t a corking fee should you choose to bring you own.  if you plan on getting a bottle at the restaurant, the wine list is quite extensive.

All in all, great night at Vespa.  I shared a salad, had a plate of pasta, drank 1.5 glasses of wine and enjoyed a complimentary birthday dessert thanks to Alex’s birthday.  With tax and tip, the night cost $32.  Those who follow this blog know that I enjoy bargains as much as possible, but at Vespa, the quality of food is worth the price.

The Basics
Name:  Vespa
Location:  1625 2nd Ave
Who to Bring:  Friends, Date, Parents
Price:  One less drink at the bar next week. $$$.
Overall:  Become a regular.  5 Stars.

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