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College Cafeteria Sushi at NYC Prices

Guest Post by Caryn Donohue, Gramercy Correspondent

I know plenty of people will disagree with me, but I went to Haru Sushi in Gramercy Park a few Sunday nights ago and was not impressed.  Granted, I didn’t try a lot on the menu, but besides the edamame, I was quite disappointed in my food. I ordered the Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll and the Tuna and Avocado Roll and found both to be tasteless, and the texture made me think the sushi was refrigerated too long. Maybe I’m picky, but I like my sushi to be served at slightly-colder-than-room temperature, so it’s not gross and hot, but yet lukewarm enough to keep the rice soft and let the flavors mesh. Unfortunately my rolls were cold and grainy without any blended flavors. Honestly, I couldn’t taste the difference between that sushi and the sushi I used to get at my college food market.

On the plus side, the dining atmosphere was nice with a large, dimly lit space, and they didn’t rush us, so I was able to take my time catching up with a friend, but that’s hardly reason enough to return. Rumor has it that the other Haru Sushi locations are excellent, so perhaps it was just the Gramercy Park spot, or maybe it was a fluke incident. I guess I’ll never know because I won’t be returning to any Haru Sushi location again. There are just too many good sushi places in Manhattan to be subjected to sub-par sushi. And to make matters worse, the prices are a bit on the higher end with regular rolls averaging about $6.75, special rolls ranging between $12-18, and dishes like Chicken Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura costing $17-$20.

The Basics
Name: Haru Sushi – Gramercy Park
Location: 220 Park Avenue South
Who to take: Friends, Family, a Date
Price: Typical NYC.  $$ (for higher end of sushi)
Overall: I’d rather starve.  One Star.

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7 comments to College Cafeteria Sushi at NYC Prices

  • Doug

    Wow, one star, is that a first for this blog? I feel like there are too many sushi places in this city and that none really stick out, but its good to know ones that can’t even perform up to average.

    There is actually a place right by me that serves dishes like steak teriyaki with mashed potatoes – a strange combo – but i actually appreciate the unique nature of it compared to the typical salad with orange sauce.

  • Caryn

    i agree, unique combos are good. that’s why i wanna try japonais since it’s a french/japanese fusion place. but doug – it’s not “orange sauce,” it’s ginger miso dressing and it’s delicious.

    and i agree that many sushi places don’t stand out. but yes, it’s really bad when one stands out negatively. i think we all need to go to iron sushi on 3rd. i’ve only been twice but i love it. a review is to come…

  • MMMM...Sushi

    I’ve been to that Haru a couple times and have never been all that impressed either. The foods aight, although i’ve never had that bad of an experience like you talk about Gramercy Correspondent. However, i think its overpriced, which obviously doesn’t fit the mold of our broke, deal-exploring blogger.

    For really good sushi that’s not too expensive, try Yama on on 49th btw 1st and 2nd. A little less expensive than Haru, but much fresher and tastier.

    Doug, i don’t know about your steak teriayaki with mashed potatoes. Sounds sketch…

  • Caryn

    excellent suggestion, thank you.

    ps – i need to try susie’s soups now that i’ve had europa. why don’t you submit a guest post on them? surely 89thandbroke’s fearless leader would approve. i mean, you guest blogged for repman, why not 89thandbroke?

  • MMMM...Sushi

    Wow, a guest post on Susie’s? I would be honored.

  • Doug

    I can agree that my dish does sound a bit sketchy, but I’m personally a big fan of combining two foods I love in hopes of creating something both unique and awesome – a food pioneer, if you will. I like to dream that the person who once put a scoop of ice cream on a slice of pie lived his or her life in a similar manner, and that I can one day follow along the same path and create something just as legendary.

  • […] delicious Sushi Sen-nin), but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the cafeteria-style sushi served at Haru Sushi. It was good, it was cheap and I was […]

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