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Fast-food Mexican Gets an Upgrade

Guest Post by Caryn Donohue, Gramercy Correspondent

I love Mexican food – it’s one of my top favorite three cuisines (Italian and Thai being the other two) – but I can’t stand places like Chipotle, Qdoba or Moe’s. I think the food’s nasty and I always end up with vicious stomach pains after I eat there, and I know I’m not alone.

Today I was in the mood for Mexican and decided to try out a hole-the-wall place that I read about on Yelp.com and Menupages.com: La Posada. I’ve walked by it on the way to work, and it’s definitely not a sit-down kind of place – there are maybe two tables and 4-6 chairs tops – but I read it’s a great delivery/take-out Mexican place, and most importantly it’s CHEAP. So two coworkers and I took a gamble and tried it out. I ordered the asada chicken enchilada that comes with rice and beans ($4.79), Tim ordered the California taco with ground beef ($2.10) and Kelly ordered a guacamole burrito that comes with a salad on the side ($3.99). All “entrees” are between $2 and $8, truly a steal.

First, I must comment on the quantity of food. I was impressed with how much I got for a mere $5, and Kelly’s guacamole burrito looked quite satisfying as well. Tim’s taco was smaller and didn’t come with any sides, but hey, it was $2. Questions you may have for me:

  • Is it the best enchilada you’ve ever had? Not by a long shot.
  • Is it the cheapest enchilada you’ve ever had? Yup.
  • Would you get it again? You bet.
  • Are you sick from it? Too early to tell.

I wish there was more verde sauce on my enchilada, but the chicken was good, the black beans were good and the rice was fine – I’m not a big fan of the rice anyway. I’d get it again, but I’d also try new items on the menu. I’d say it’s similar to Blockheads in quality of food, but it’s cheaper!  Let’s just sum it up quickly: it was the best fast-food Mexican food I’ve had to date. I’m sure there’s better out there and I look forward to trying them, but for now when I’m craving Mexican and am short on money, La Posada is my solution.  And when money isn’t as much of an issue, then I’ll head to other spots like Baby Bo’s Cantina, Dos Caminos or Maz Mezcal.  There was a ton of food, so the value is really great, and that’s really the attraction. Tim and Kelly – please share your thoughts.

The Basics
Name:  La Posada’s
Location: 364 3rd Avenue, New York, NY
Who to Take:  No one – it’s a take-out/delivery place, go alone.
Price:  Even a homeless man can afford it. $.
Overall:  Excellent prices + good food = great value. Put it in the rotation.  4 Stars.

La Posada Mexican Food on Urbanspoon

6 comments to Fast-food Mexican Gets an Upgrade

  • Alicia

    Good to know! Can’t wait to try it. I know you’ve never had taco bell, but as it stands right now they are my favorite fast food Mexican place. You really just have to try it once.

  • Doug

    Taco Bell? At least its not Chipotle.

    Laura, I think we need to take Alicia on the next Qdoba field trip. She needs to be enlightened.

  • Tim

    While I do not have any issues with Chipotle or Qdoba, I do agree with the rest of Caryn’s review regarding La Posada’s. It was cheap and quite tasty.

    My only advice would be not to order the hard tacos for delivery. The “hard” shell had turned into a soft shell by the time I was ready to consume it. I can not really fault the establishment with this and can only blame my poor ordering decision.

    For the value and quality of the food, I would recommend ordering from here and look forward to our next group delivery. We can all spare a couple of dollars for this meal rather than fighting over the precious baked Cheetos in the kitchen.

  • Kelly

    I found my guacamole burrito satisfying. For the $4 price tag, the ingredients were definitely fresh and plentiful. However, I was hoping the guacamole would have given me more bang for my buck. It was a tad watery and lacked the chunks of avocado I enjoy so much. I would definitely try this place again, perhaps branching out to a protein.

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