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Guess I’ll Keep Fishing for a Good Seafood Restaurant

Headed over to Atlantic Grill for the annual “Restaurant Week Meal with the Girls”.  In our past few restaurant weeks together, Dory, Alex and I have been to Zoe and Spice Market, neither which were particularly good (another time we had to cancel our reservations at Indochine because Dory had to interview the Jonas Brothers – go figure).  So I was hoping since Atlantic Grill was a B.R. Guest Restaurant, I’d be impressed – especially after my glowing review of Primehouse.  Let’s just say our streak for a good restaurant continues.

While I arrived to Atlantic Grill a little late, the girls were still waiting for our table.  Even though our reservations were for 7:30, they still hadn’t been seated by 7:45 – but it wasn’t a problem, especially because the restaurant gave us free glasses of champagne (and I wouldn’t have made it on time anyways).  I really admire a restaurant that gives away free dessert or drinks when things don’t go 100% according to plan without us patrons looking for it.  So, kudos Atlantic Grill.

As far as the atmosphere goes, I have to say it was a really loud restaurant.  While other B.R. Guest restaurants are much more intimate, Atlantic Grill was dimly lit, tables were close together and it was loud – to the point where I had to concentrate and listen.  Often the volume of a restaurant never bothers me, so for me to take notice it must be pretty loud.

The server came over and brought us our menus.  I love it when they give us the restaurant week menu and the regular menu – it’s like “I’m a young professional, like I’m going to be able to afford to eat off the regular menu, but I do appreciate them thinking I’m a baller.”  Typically, I use this time to study the menu, compare it to the Restaurant Week menu and order not only what I’m in the mood for,  but what I’ll get my money’s worth.  Alex quickly noted that none of the dishes on the Restaurant Week menu were on the regular menu and called it out to the waiter.  He quickly explained that these dishes are often “on special” throughout the week.  Alex also asked what he would recommend for an entree, and basically he read us the menu and told us that each dish was good.  Not a great help.

I looked over the menu and was a little iffy about trying oyster sushi as a first course, so I played it safe and went with a salad with pears and goat cheese.  The salad had about half a pear in it and was just okay, nothing fancy.  Second course I toyed with the idea of having short ribs, jumbo shrimp and potatoes -but realized I probably could get the same meal at Red Lobster.  I decided instead to go with the black drum fish, which the waiter described as black fish.  It came with polenta, asparagus and a nice tomato vinaigrette.  Now I rarely eat fish and to me it tasted fine, but Alex said it was a little tough.  I will say that dipping the fish into the vinaigrette made the dish a whole lot better than eating the fish on its own.  Regardless, the entree was good.

Then came dessert which was heaven.  Dessert was really an easy option for me – I went with the mocha torte with malt crunch ice cream and coffee sauce.  It was delicious.

All in all, Atlantic Grill was good.  Was it the best restaurant week experience?  No.  Was it the worst? No.  I think out of all the B.R. Guest restaurants I’ve been to, Atlantic Grill may have been my least favorite, and mostly in part due to the atmosphere.  The food was definitely good, but if some of the dishes from the regular menu were incorporated into the Restaurant Week menu, I would have put Atlantic Grill at the top of my “must visit” list for Restaurant Week.

The Basics
Name:  Atlantic Grill
Location: 1341 3rd Avenue between 76 and 77th
Who to take: Friends
Price: It better be Restaurant Week – and it was. $$$$.
Overall:  They better have some kind of deal.  3 stars.

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2 comments to Guess I’ll Keep Fishing for a Good Seafood Restaurant

  • Dory

    I went here for brunch last Sunday with Alex and it was delicious. It was a freakishly warm day for November, so after a 20 minute wait, we were able to sit outside. I had the BREAKFAST QUESADILLA (Applewood Bacon, Scramble Eggs, Mozzarella & Roasted Tomato Salsa) for $15 and it was delicious. It came with a small side salad that was really good as well. Alex had the LOBSTER BENEDICT (Lemon Pepper Brioche, Tarragon Hollandaise) for $18. It was homemade bread topped with spinach, egg and hollandaise and then a big lobster claw on the side. Both entrees came with a free drink – we got mimosas, obviously. Definitely a winner for brunch!

  • I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

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