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Restaurant Week Kicks Off at Primehouse

To kick off 2009 Winter Restaurant Week, the boyfriend and I headed to Primehouse on Sunday night.  I really appreciate that Restaurant Week has expanded to Sunday this year and it was nice to be able to enjoy a relaxing meal before MLK day without having to worry about rushing to work the next morning.

Primehouse is a B.R. Guest restaurant, which also owns a number of restaurants including Dos Caminos and Vento, both restaurants which I enjoy.  Heading into the meal at Primehouse, I knew if it was anything like the other restaurants in the group, I’d have a wonderful meal.

Unlike other steakhouses in NYC, Primehouse didn’t have this “old NY feel”, and it shouldn’t considering it opened in 2007.  The restaurant instead is really modern and decorated in a black and white theme.  It was perfect for a date and would be fun for a crowd celebrating a special occasion.  For a group of twentysomethings looking to drink and catch up over dinner, I would recommend Dos Caminos instead, just because it’s not as pricey.

From a Restaurant Week perspective, Primehouse had the perfect menu.  Sometimes going into a menu during this special week, I worry that I’m getting items that are normally not on the menu or isn’t really a good representation of the restaurant.  At Primehouse, the menu had great selections – often I feel like some courses on the menu during this week is like choosing between the lesser of three evils.  With the first course, I really struggled on choosing between the shrimp ceviche, french onion soup or salad.  I went with the soup, which was great, and the delicious bread was perfect to dip in the soup.  For the entree I went with the filet, seeing how we were at a steakhouse, and it was the perfect portion with wonderful goat cheese potatoes and mushrooms.  Dessert can really make the restaurant, and the chocolate raspberry torte with white chocolate ice cream really made this restaurant stand out.  Not to mention that when we left Primehouse, we had three cookie chunks to take home with us which made a great snack.

Primehouse was excellent and definitely a great deal for Restaurant Week, considering steaks alone go for $35 which is the same price as a three-course meal during the special week.

The Basics
Name:  Primehouse
Location: 381 Park Ave South (between 26th and 27th)
Who to Bring: Date, Celebration
Price:  It better be Restaurant Week (and it was!).  $$$$
Overall: Put it in the rotation (at least for Restaurant Week).  4 Stars.

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