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$3 Margaritas + Terrific Tacos = Love

For a year and a half, Blockheads has been my go-to spot for frozen margaritas.  With $3 frozen margaritas, you really can’t go wrong.  Lately though, Blockheads is my go-to Mexican restaurant spot.

Whether getting take out or eating at the restaurant, I’ve been very pleased with my recent Blockheads experiences.  While there are locations all around the city, lately I’ve been visiting the one on 82nd and 2nd. We’ve tried takeout before and it arrived fairly quickly, in only 25 minutes (and we live 8 blocks away).  My one complaint with the takeout was that it was a little cold when it got here and needed some warming up, but I can’t blame Blockheads considering it was a freezing cold night.

With friends in town recently, we decided to eat at the UES location.  I was a little skeptical of taking our guests to Blockheads at first, since one was a vegetarian and the other guest didn’t really like Mexican, but everyone was happy all around.  When eating at the restaurant, patrons receive tortilla chips and salsa.  We decided to splurge and get the guacamole for $4.50.  The guac was delicious, with bits of tomato and onions in it and after eating it, I can never buy that wholly guacamole stuff at Trader Joe’s ever again.

I typically get the two tacos with shredded beef, “salsa cruda” and then a spicy green sauce.  The tacos are topped with cheese and have a soft shell surrounded with a hard shell.  You can choose between grilled tofu, ground beef, chicken, shredded beef, or rice and beans.  You also have your choice of salsa and a red or green sauce. They are delicious and unlike their burritos, are much less intimidating – you can eat both in one sitting.  It also comes with rice and black beans on the side – and the whole entree is reasonably priced at $8.95.  However, if you are looking to make two meals out of one, I’d highly recommend getting a burrito.  To this day, I’ve only seen one person ever finish it in one sitting.

To date, I’ve been to four Blockheads locations and unfortunately, all of the restaurants are small.  Be prepared to wait if you are going to dinner at a busy time of night. From a decor perspective, my favorite location might be the one on 50th between 8th and 9th because it’s much more intimate, but I do love the rooftop dining in Murray Hill.  The UES location isn’t bad, but to use the restroom, you have to nearly trek into the kitchen.

Overall, I recommend checking out Blockheads at least once especially if you are the type of person who cares more about the food rather than the ambiance.  And if Mexican food isn’t up your alley, at least enjoy frozen margaritas on the rooftop of the Murray Hill location later this spring.

The Basics
Name: Blockheads
Location: All over NYC
Who to take: Anyone
Price: Make it a cheap date. $.
Overall: Put it in the rotation. 4 stars.

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12 comments to $3 Margaritas + Terrific Tacos = Love

  • Caryn

    The margaritas are great, but the $3 Coronas are my first love. I’ve also enjoyed their quesadillas and nachos. The roofdeck in Murray Hills is nice, as is the sidewalk seating at the UES spot during the spring and summer months.

  • My wife loves the AYCD brunch at Blockhead’s on weekends. Have to say the omelettes are pretty good and the mexican chicken ranch wrap is a great option, too. the champagne is flowing non-stop. We also go for the $3 margs and burritos/quesadillas at the 2nd ave midtown east location. We leave plenty full and plenty buzzed for about $25. Can’t beat that!

  • Liz

    Let’s not forget about the fabulous outdoor patio in Hell’s Kitchen – my personal favorite Blockhead’s location.

  • Caryn

    Liz, you should write your own review of Blockheads. Although I fear it will have too much sentimentality for this blog.

  • Lauren

    Funny you should post this today. . . I ate at at Blockhead’s last night at their Midtown East location. I always have a great meal and a few cheap beverages when I go and have never been disappointed. However, I discovered a new item to their drink menu last night: The Mexican Bulldog. This includes a frozen margarita, a shot of tequila and an upside-down short bottle of Corona to top it off. . . all for $7. Ole!

  • Doug

    I’m actually heading to the Upper West Side one tonight for a birthday dinner. While I also enjoy the drink specials, I have to disagree on the food. I find neither the nachos or quesadillas to be very good. The quesadillas are soggy and fall apart easily, while there are few topings for the nachos to choose from, and no other beans besides black, which I really don’t like.Also, its over $10 for nachos with a meat on there – I could get better nachos for half the price at Qdoba or other places.

    I do appreciate that they give free chips and salsa though, so a few beers and a nice snack for a low price is always great.

  • i love their Black Flower (half sangria half frozen margarita)!!

  • I used to go to Blockheads all of the time over the summer. Had to quit the margaritas after a while though – too strong for me! They have good deals on beer too I believe. My friends and I sit outside at the 50th street location when it’s nice, or head over to the 3rd Ave location when we want a girl’s happy hour :o)

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