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It’s Not Easy to Beat This Burger Deal

Now I’m not saying it can’t be beat, but Choice Kitchen is definitely offering one of the better burger deals in Manhattan: a burger, fries and beer for $10…oh yeah, and the food is really good too. Wined and Dined has a great compilation of burger and beer specials, and from the rave reviews of bloggers and critics alike, it sounds like Irving Mill’s Monday night burger, beer and fries special for $15 is a phenomenal deal.  However, I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t make any solid comparisons.

On to the quality of the food… What can I say? I really enjoyed it. I had the burger with goat cheese (my favorite) and caramelized onions (another favorite) – bacon also came with it but I opted out – and my beer of choice was Blue Point. My friend Abi had a more standard burger with lettuce and tomato, and a Magic Hat. The burgers were big, so big that neither of us could finish, and juicy. The fries were pretty thickly cut, although not quite as thick as steak fries, and they were browned and seasoned – delicious. Again, the portion was so large that we couldn’t finish the fries either.

A few things to note: a) there are only three burger and three beer options b) there are no turkey or veggie burgers on the menu, which disappointed us. However, we didn’t ask if there were any available as substitutions (just not listed on the menu), so we can’t say for certain if you can get them or not c) double check your bill to make sure that you were charged just $10 for the meal – they don’t have an automatic option/button in the system for this deal yet, so they have to remember to go back and change it.

The place itself was cute. Nothing special, but nice nonetheless. And we had a really nice waiter, which always makes for a pleasant dining experience. Abi and I ate late, around 9 pm, so the place was pretty empty, although I’m not sure how busy it is during happy hour and earlier dining hours.

What I loved about this deal was the price savings.  The burgers and fries alone typically cost $12-13, but you get that PLUS a beer for LESS than the original price of your meal – sounds pretty good to me!

If you’re a burger and beer kind of person, and you’re in the Murray Hill/Gramercy area, then you should definitely do yourself a favor and check out Choice Kitchen’s Monday night special.  Choice Kitchen is offering some pretty impressive specials throughout the week, and I’m excited to try those out as well. Please let us know if you have!

The Basics
Name: Choice Kitchen
Location: 380 3rd Avenue between 26th and 27th Streets, East side of the street
Who to take: Friends, Co-workers, Anyone
Price: $ Even a homeless guy could afford this special.
Overall: Become a regular. 5 Stars.

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