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Quiznos – Discriminating Against New Yorkers

After posting about the Million Sub giveaway at Quiznos yesterday, I was so excited to not have to worry about packing a lunch to take to work, and instead get to have a free meal.  I was so excited that I even registered for two Quiznos coupons and sifted through my spam folder to find them.  I was so excited that in the frigid cold weather, I walked 2 avenues and 3 blocks to the 5th avenue location between 28th and 29th with my lunch buddy Tim to enjoy a sandwich.

I walked into Quiznos and didn’t even figure out yet what I wanted for lunch, but in my mind, I knew I was going to go for the old standby of Honey Mustard Chicken, an old favorite from the Poughkeepsie Quiznos location.  All of a sudden, I heard a gasp from Tim and pointing.  And that’s when I saw it.  In a dried out green marker on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper, 6 words that would change my 15 minute lunch break forever – No Million Sub Coupons Taken Here.  Like the mature adults we are, I screamed “What!? I’m going to subway!” and stormed out the front door, while Tim reflected that he finally understood what it was like to be a girl rejected before prom.

I will say that Quiznos coupons say in fine print that the deal is only valid in participating locations.  But in one of the most expensive cities in America, can’t they cut us some slack?  Why do we have to pay triple times the rent of some Americans and can’t even get the luxury of a free sandwich?  Furthermore, the coupon expired within 5 days of printing, could only be printed once and I was asked to bring a valid I.D.  Clearly they had enough precautionary measures in order for me to get the sub and should at least share it with New Yorkers.  And it’s also frustrating that I had to put in my zip code to get the sandwich – why couldn’t they share locations that accepted the coupons or just tell me “don’t get your hopes up?”

It’s bad enough that whenever you get coupons for any chain restaurant, the fine print says that prices may be a bit more in the city.  Dollar sandwich at McDonald’s?  Expect to pay $1.29.  This is probably a good time to recognize Subway – they have a national promotion of five dollar footlongs sandwiches, and even in New York, you can get them for this price.  The current promotion they have right now is that you can get five dollar footlongs of any type on the menu – instead of the usual 8 subs.  Needless to say after my Quiznos disaster, I headed straight to Subway to share a delicious chicken bacon ranch sandwich (note that the location on 28th and 5th is not extra generous with the toppings like the 32nd and Madison location).

If you are lucky enough to find a Quiznos in NYC that does accept these coupons, please let us know!

9 comments to Quiznos – Discriminating Against New Yorkers

  • McKenna

    I had a similar experience. I was the first one to show up at the Quizno’s on Huntington Street in Boston with the coupon, so they took it. The sandwich I got was amazing, so I got another coupon and went back asap the next day to find the same announcement. Sadly, they got me and I bought the sandwich because it was that good, but I vowed never to return.

  • Dory

    I’d also like to share that I went to Dunkin Donuts to get my “99 cent latte” which “only applies after 2pm” at the location in Penn Station. I ended up paying $4.11! I hate you DD.

  • Dory

    I’d also like to share that I went to Dunkin Donuts to get my “99 cent latte” which “only applies after 2pm” at the location in Penn Station. I ended up paying $4.11! I hate you DD. Thanks!

  • FrankieViturello

    My co-workers and I shared a similar experience yesterday. Upon printing out 5 coupons and piling into a car for a fun free lunch hour, we discovered that not one but TWO local Quiznos (one that had opened only months earlier) had closed down (one still showed up on Quiznos’ website as an active location).

    When we DID finally find an open & operating Quiznos location we were surprised (though honestly not very shocked) that they were one (of apparently many) “non-participating” locations.

    I’d like to add to this gripe that retail/customer service businesses that TAPE notices to the front door of their establishment explaining in marker-on-paper that they don’t participate in a “free” marketing campaign are especially insulting to people frequenting their businesses. I don’t so much mind that you don’t take a coupon, but have the common decency to explain that to me in person across the counter.

    Your unwillingness to face disappointed customers shows a true sense of cowardice.

    I’m glad to see many Quiznos going out of business after experiencing this.

  • ha ha, awww… I would have tried to find one but it looks like they’ve reach their 1 million coupons so it’s no longer available!! I would have ventured to the midtown east location for it if I had… the one by Chipotle and Lexington Avenue.

  • In the same boat as all of you. Printed the coupon on went to the location on 50th and 3rd Avenue. Rejected! We were considering buying subs since we’d already walked all the way there and got our hopes up, but we decided to screw it and go to Subway around the corner!

  • I hear the same situation was going on in Chicago… bogus.

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