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Where’s the rest of the sour cream?

While researching Happy Hour specials before Yelp’s Inaugural Ball last month, I came across Still’s Tuesday night deal. Although we didn’t try it that night, I kept it in mind for a future Tuesday, and last night I had the chance to check it out.

Still offers a pretty incredible deal: $1 Bud/Bud Light drafts all night, and from 6-9 pm, $3 margaritas, $3 Coronas and half-priced quesadillas and fajitas ($5 a piece). Upon entering the Gramercy establishment, we could immediately tell why this place needed to offer such a great deal – it was a ghost town. There were maybe five other patrons when we first arrived around 6:15, and that’s being generous. But that’s fine, I was there to catch up with an old friend and introduce her to some new ones, so a quiet place worked just fine. Plus we got a few tables and chairs really easily. But beware, if you’re looking for a “happening” scene and to meet new people, Still on a Tuesday night is definitely not for you.

Everyone grabbed a $1 beer – I’m guessing they served the beers in 12 oz mugs – and four of us ordered quesadillas (3 chicken and 1 veggie). When they brought the quesadillas to our table, my first thought was “Uh, is this an open-faced quesadilla?” (for some reason the diced tomatoes and drizzled sour cream on top confused me) Doug on the other hand was thinking “WTF? That’s all the sour cream I’m getting?”  Okay, so maybe the first impression wasn’t the greatest, but we forged ahead.

Honestly, it was pretty good. Not the best-ever by any means, but it was a lot more flavorful than I was expecting. And it was big!  Maybe 10 inches in diameter (similar to a personal pan pizza, according to Doug) and filling enough that most of us couldn’t finish our quesadillas. If you’re going to have some bar food/appetizers, then you can definitely split a quesadilla among 2-4 people, but for dinner, one was good, although you’ll have leftovers. For $5 it was worth it, but for just $3 more you can get a wayyyy better chicken quesadilla at the Wharf any day and hour of the week. I also tried a margarita and I thought it was okay. It was on the rocks – a plus – but it was too sweet for my tastes. Unfortunately no one tried the fajitas, so I can’t comment on that.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quiet place to chill on a Tuesday evening, without spending any considerable amount of money, then hit up Still. But if you’re looking for a fun after-work atmosphere, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Basics
Name: Still
Location: 192 Third Avenue
Who to take: Friends, Co-workers
Price: $ Even a homeless guy could afford it.
Overall: Put it in the “I’m cheap” rotation. 4 Stars for value.

7 comments to Where’s the rest of the sour cream?

  • I hate sour cream. This bar may be the perfect place for me.

  • Jackie H.

    Oooo Iove cheap Mexican and margaritas, please let me know next time you go!!

  • Caryn

    I know…I thought about that later. But you’re weird and we wanted to be able to dip our quesadilla versus have it drizzled on top. It was strange. More importantly, where was the guac?

  • Doug

    Overall, I was definetely pleased with the meal. However, as Caryn noted, due to the lack of sour cream and/or salsa, it was really dry. While I don’t want it to be soggy, it definetely needed something on top besides a few tomatoes.

    Also, I didn’t approve of the server fingering through my meal to determine if it was the chicken or veggie, but I’ll assume it was an isolated incident.

    Overall, I’d definetely go back there.

  • Tuwip

    You caught up with an old friend AND a lamb.

  • Alicia

    Tuwip- when I read that Caryn met up with an old friend, I assumed she meant you and not Hanny. That was probably the case. Sorry I missed you, we should catch up some time!

  • parker

    I went to Still once. There were no quesadillas or gender-confused lambs, but there were 18 year old girls in spades. They were all so excited for prom.

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