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An Official Historic Landmark – Pete’s Tavern

During one of my early weekends living in Gramercy, my mom came into the city to visit my new place and take me to lunch. Never one to turn down a free meal, I happily obliged and we wandered around until we found ourselves outside of Pete’s Tavern.

Pete’s Tavern is an official historic landmark with the lengthy title of “the longest continuously operating bar and restaurant in NYC”. It’s also made famous by O.Henry who wrote The Gift of the Magi (one of my favorite holiday stories) in his favorite booth near the front in 1904. But that’s enough of a history lesson for today.

Usually “touristy” or popular places like this don’t deliver on food, and they don’t need to because they stay in business due to their fame and appeal, but Pete’s Tavern surprised me with its generous portions and tasty pub food.

My mom and I split a Caesar salad for $7, and we both ordered a cheeseburger and fries for $10 each. For $.20 more, there’s really no reason not spring for the cheese. The salad was pretty good, albeit it nothing outstanding, and quite big, preventing both of us from finishing our meal (I’m sure that also had something to do with the burgers being 10 oz each). In fact, I took half of mine home, which I very much enjoyed later that night circa 3 am. As already noted, the burgers were big, and they were delicious. And I have to comment on the fries since they were my personal favorite: steak fries. I love it when I can taste the soft potatoes in my fries, although I realize that many disagree with me and prefer the crispy, thin fries.

While I haven’t taken advantage of these deals myself, it is worthwhile to note that they have several specials throughout the week, most notably on Monday nights when you can enjoy your choice of pasta (ziti marinara, fettucine carbonara, linguine aglio e oilo, spaghetti bolognese, penne a la vodka or spirelli buro e oro) with a glass of wine or beer and house salad for only $10.

The food was good, the portions were big, the prices were low – three good reasons to check this spot out the next time you’re in the mood for some pub food.

The Basics
Name: Pete’s Tavern
Location: 129 e. 18th Street
Who to bring: Friends, Family, Roommates
Price: Even a homeless man can afford it.  $
Overall: Good food, prices and portions. 4 Stars.

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5 comments to An Official Historic Landmark – Pete’s Tavern

  • Lauren

    I just ate at Pete’s Tavern about two weeks ago and also had a good dining experience. I went with a few old college friends and when we walked in the placed was jammed, but we were able to get a table in about 5 seconds. The guys we were with got manly burgers, but my friend Nicole and I got Italian–chicken parm and chicken marsala. Both came with a huge side of pasta and we were all happy with our meals. We also got a bottle of really good chardonnay for about $35. I would go back.

  • Lauren

    And I would like to add that our waiter spilled a drink on our table and he gave us all a free round. A+ for customer service.

  • Caryn

    So the Italian dishes weren’t bad there? I was a little skeptical since it was a pub. And agreed, that’s great customer service!

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  • Claudia

    Just was searching through your site and saw this post. I might be slightly biased since I live across the street from Pete’s but the food is really good, esp the Italian. Yes, I was skeptical about Italian in a pub setting but thats what they are known for…really good, homemade like moms, Italian food. I love getting the veal or chicken parm with the Spaghetti bolognese. I bring half home bc the portion is so large. Its really that good. My dad visits and orders some chicken dish, I think Caccitore, and he says it is ‘to die for’. Their prime rib is also very good. They have a prime rib or is it ribeye night once a week that is also an excellent deal.

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