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Discounted Tapas, Sangria and Wine Make a Perfect Tuesday Night

Tuesday may be my preferred night for dining specials. And of all the great deals out there, my favorite thus far as to be a combo: first Yuca Bar, followed by the Bourgeois Pig.

I’ve already written about Bourgeois Pig‘s Tuesday night wine deal (all bottles are half-off all night), but before you get there, definitely check out Yuca Bar a half a block away on 7th and Avenue A, because on Tuesdays you can enjoy half-priced tapas until 8 pm. Pair that with the weekday happy hour from 1-8 pm, half-pitchers of sangria (red or white) for $15 or full pitchers for $26, and you’re good to go!

As a general rule of thumb, two-three tapas are good for one person, so when I went with a friend, we originally ordered four tapas to share: Calamares Frito (fried calamari with two dipping sauces), Quesadilla de Langosta (lobster quesadilla), Platano Relleno (crispy plantain stuffed with slow-roasted pork) and Chicken Empanadas. Half way through we decided to order a fifth and let the waitress pick out anything she liked…and unfortunately I can’t remember what it was anymore, but I remember that it was good.

I realize that may not look too appetizing, but trust me, it's good.

I realize that may not look too appetizing, but trust me, it's really good

Our favorite hands down was the Platano Relleno. We were a little skeptical at first, but the savory and sweet combination was amazing. The Calamares Frito was definitely good, but not a must have, same with the Chicken Empanadas. We also really enjoyed the Quesadilla de Langosta and could taste the lobster in the quesadilla. I wish I could remember our fifth tapas because it was so delicious, but I guess it will have to remain a mystery.

I’m a huge fan of sangria and can never turn it down, especially if they’re offering white sangria. Sometimes the red sangria doesn’t agree with me, which is odd since I love red wine so much. Anyway, if you want a truly great Tuesday night, at a discount, start off at Yuca Bar for discounted dinner and drinks, and then head to Bourgeois Pig to relax and enjoy the remainder of your evening over a bottle of wine.

The Basics
Name: Yuca Bar
111 Avenue A
Who to take: A Date, Friends, Co-Workers
Price: $ (half-priced tapas on Tuesdays are only $5-6 a plate)
Overall: Put it in your Tuesday night rotation- Five stars.

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3 comments to Discounted Tapas, Sangria and Wine Make a Perfect Tuesday Night

  • Your photo caption is hysterical.

  • Kelly

    This sounds lovely.

  • YoshiYashua

    AMAZING!!! So much fun and excitement, especially on Tuesday’s. Did i mention the half off tapas AND drinks from 6 pm-8 pm every Tuesday. Well now you know. The staffers are very pleasant and always accommodating. Hit them with a nice tip for their hard work to serve and appease you. Also, come often and be a familiar face and the bartender (only one, i forget his name, would hook you up. Oh yeah, Tip them in cash, no one likes it on the card with the bill. :-)))

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