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Good Enough To Eat is Better than Good

After getting tired of spending Saturday and Sunday mornings at bagel places on the UES, my boyfriend Ben and I headed over to the UWS for brunch last Sunday.  After reading reviews on Yelp, we decided to take the crosstown bus over to Good Enough to Eat.

As we walked down Amsterdam, we saw a line outside the restaurant.  In order to be seated, patrons wait outside, but don’t get scared -the line moves fairly quickly.  That being said, I wouldn’t plan on heading here if you are having a reunion girls weekend or entertaining your whole family – parties of two were seated much faster.  

We were seated within 10 minutes indoors, although some people were brave enough to eat outside.  The inside reminded me of someone’s apartment, turned into a restaurant.  There were book shelves and trinkets all around the restaurant.  A white picket fence separated the bar from the restaurant.  It was an odd interior, but for a place known for its brunch, it worked.

I was in the mood for something savory and sweet, so we decided to split two entrees. To start though, we went with the hot chocolate – this was real hot chocolate made with steamed milk and was absolutely delicious.  The frothy milk on the top tasted so good I even risked burning my tongue and quickly grabbed a sip (and unfortunately suffered an injury).  For breakfast, I ordered a BLT omelet with double-smoked bacon, Gruyere cheese and tomatoes.  The omelet was good, but as a cheese fanatic (and yes, I can name my top 10 favorite cheeses), would have loved it to be a bit more cheesier.  With the omelet came these amazing biscuits with strawberry butter.  The butter was a great addition to the meal and reminded me of Cracker Barrel and its apple butter.  

Ben and I then traded dishes and I was able to try the pumpkin french toast, which is made with pumpkin bread, and served with a pear/cranberry compote.  The pumpkin french toast tasted like regular french toast, but had the aftertaste of spice to bring you back to the Thanksgiving meal.  My favorite part may have been the fruit on top – it was delicious and I actually was inspired to visit a grocery store afterwards to purchase fruit for myself.

We also ordered a side of turkey sausage patties.  Now I’m not a fan of breakfast sausage, but this was excellent – the patties are homemade and aren’t greasy and fattening.  Instead, it had just the right amount of seasoning and I’d highly recommend them.  I was actually disappointed that I was splitting them with Ben and only got to eat one.

Good Enough to Eat is a little on the pricier side for breakfast, with most entrees costing at least $10.  Between our entrees, hot chocolates and side dish of sausage, our bill came to $36 before tip for two – a little more than I’d like to spend.  However, Good Enough to Eat is a great treat and provides some really great combinations that you won’t see in your local diner.  While I cannot afford to head back every weekend, it’s definitely a place I’d visit when looking to catch up with someone over brunch or wanting something better than a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.  In fact, I’m looking forward to my next trip so I can try the bacon waffles.

The Basics
Name: Good Enough to Eat
Location: 483 Amsterdam Ave, between 83rd and 84th
Who to take: Date , Friends (only take one person!)
Price: $$ 
Overall: A little more than I’d like to spend for breakfast, but certainly delicious.  4 stars.

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2 comments to Good Enough To Eat is Better than Good

  • Zanz, I went to Good Enough to Eat on Wednesday for dinner, and have good reviews too!

    I had their traditional turkey dinner with kale, cranberry sauce, light and dark meat turkey, cornbread stuffing, and gravy, with a house salad as an appetizer. As you mention Good Enough to Eat is not the cheapest, but the quality of the food is excellent.

    For dinner, don’t forget to try their popovers (free with the bread basket prior to your meal). They don’t compare to the popovers at BLT prime, but we quite tasty.

    Nice post, btw.

  • Meg

    Hahaa, Zanzal… I love the Cracker Barrel apple butter shout out!! :-D

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