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Phenomenal Porterhouse at Parlor

After eating at Primehouse during Restaurant Week, Ben and I decided that for our next special occasion, we needed to visit another steakhouse. So when my birthday rolled around last week, we decided to visit Parlor Steakhouse, specifically for the porterhouse for two. 

We made reservations and surprisingly for it being a recession, Parlor was hopping.  Tables were filled and a dozen or so people were at the bar.  The restaurant ambiance is a classy steakhouse, without the old school feel – so don’t expect a Delmonico’s.  You wouldn’t envision men smoking cigars sitting around here.  Instead, it’s more like young to mid-professionals drinking martinis, without that level of pretentiousness you’d get at a midtown establishment. 

Knowing we were going to get the porterhouse for two, we asked the waitress for recommendations on wine and she gave some great ideas to fit our liking – I went with a sweeter red, while Ben went for a spicier wine. We then started with a crab cake which was absolutely delicious.  The lemon aioli sauce to dip the crab cake was so good and we found ourselves dipping our bread into it – although the focaccia bread was seasoned so well we didn’t want to dip it in the sauce at all.

Finally, the moment we were waiting for – our porterhouse for two arrived.  We had ordered it medium rare and Ben commented that it was nicely cut away from the bone.  Although both cuts of meat were good, I preferred the filet.  While the steak came with four sauces – bearnaise, horseradish, herbs and lime, and red wine reduction, the steak was actually the best with just a little salt and pepper.  However, I of course tried all the sauces and the red wine reduction was my favorite – most likely because none of the other sauces tasted good at all.  As far as side dishes go, we ordered the creamed spinach and whipped potatoes.  Both were good, but the creamed spinach was my favorite.  Two sides were perfect for two people.

We decided to splurge and go with dessert.  I went with a chocolate molten cake and blood orange sorbet, while Ben had caramel cheesecake with candied pecans and caramel sorbet.  The cheesecake had the great combination of salty and sweet mixed with the sorbet.  The molten cake definitely curbed any chocolate cravings I was having.  I may be biased, but the best part of the dessert may have been blowing out my birthday candle.

Keep in mind that Parlor is pricey – but it is a steakhouse.  A porterhouse for 2 costs about $80, and if you order several courses and drinks like us, it will cost you over $150 (thanks Ben for picking up the tab).  However, there are inexpensive dinner entrees between $20-35 if you are looking to enjoy the experience on a little more of a budget.  While I am a coupon concious woman and am always on the lookout for deals, I had a really great meal at Parlor and would go back.  If looking for a great restaurant for a special occasion or a place to take mom and dad when they come to town and are footing the bill, Parlor is it. 

The Basics
Name: Parlor Steakhouse
Location: 1600 3rd Avenue (at 90th St)
Who to take: Date, Parents, Friends
Price:  Daddy, can you pay my rent? $$$$$. 
Overall: Special occasion or mom and dad footing the bill? Come here. 5 stars.  

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2 comments to Phenomenal Porterhouse at Parlor

  • Caryn

    Have you tried Peter Luger’s? If so, how does it compare?

  • Suzee

    I used to live across the street from Parlor, and very much enjoyed it. Even for a burger night – service was great, and the fabulous truffle mayo they serve with the fries is to die for. Also, when Brasserie 44 screwed up my Thanksgiving day reservation, the two of us were thankfully able to slide into Parlor, and enjoy the most wonderful holiday meal. I miss that chic place where we were always welcomed with a smile and a “nice to see you again”. We live in Murray Hill now, so I’ll have to keep trying places around here.

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