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Love at First Bite at Last Licks

I have been craving ice cream for weeks – preferably something like a good ol’ Friendly’s sundae.  After some disappointing ice cream experiences, including a cone at the Mister Softee truck which was a total of 6 bites without any ice cream in the cone, I was almost convinced the only good ice cream in New York came from a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

After a warm evening this week, the roommates and I tossed around the idea of ice cream, and found on Yelp a place called “Last Licks.”  We didn’t really understand the concept – it’s an ice cream shop and a sports memorabilia store.  We decided to check it out and headed over.

Once we got there, the concept wasn’t too hard to understand.  As it advertises, Last Licks is the ultimate sports bar for kids.  You order ice cream and can enjoy your dessert while watching NYC sporting events on  7 different flat screens.  Throughout the store, there’s all types of memorabilia, some items are signed, others are available for sale.  We took a few minutes to walk around the store and check it out after dessert.

Now don’t forget about the ice cream – it was phenomenal.  There’s a variety of traditional flavors – chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip – to delicious concoctions, like Moosetracks and Oreo s’more. I also loved that you could build your own sundaes. For a dollar more, I was able to enjoy my mint chocolate chip with hot fudge.

The ice cream was just what I had been looking for over the past several weeks.  Last Licks is as good as that ice cream joint you used to visit every summer down at the shore and everyone in our group thought it was delicious.  While some items are a bit pricey (milkshakes at $6), most items I think are generally priced, with cones at $3.50. 

If you are looking to check out Last Lick’s, I’d head over today (4/30). They had fliers advertising discounted $1 scoops, $2 double scoops and more.

The Basics
Name: Last Licks
Location: 245 E. 93rd St (beween 3rd and 2nd)
Who to bring: Small Child, Friends
Price: Cheaper than Pinkberry. $.
Overall: My go-to ice cream place. 5 stars.

3 comments to Love at First Bite at Last Licks

  • Caryn

    This sounds good! I love that there are two good ice cream deals today!

  • I really hope that this was on the 90 degree day, because there is really no other excuse for TWO guys to be wearing tank tops…no offense.

    Ha, the girls on my blog always say AWFUl things, like, “You’re ugly, I hate you, NO OFFENSE,” so it’s ok.

  • Caryn

    haha, i asked laura about that too. we went to 6 flags last year with kids from work, and one in particular tried to take off his short sleeve shirt and just wear a wife beater. we wouldn’t let him. it is important to note that this individual was also wearing man-capris.

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