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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Deal Alert! BOGO at Baskin Robbins

This weekend, the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm – making it perfect ice cream weather.  If looking to pick up a tasty treat, head to Baskin Robbins to enjoy a buy one get one free 31° Below.  This treat mixes smooth vanilla soft serve with favorite candies, cookies and toppings.  After looking […]

Battle of the Neighborhood Sushi Joints – ABI

Simply put, I love sushi. I dread the day that I find out I have a bun in the oven for many, many reasons, but one of them is seriously because I won’t be able to eat sushi for the duration of my pregnancy. So one way that I like to celebrate my baby-free […]

Try This Trick: Swaptree.com

When I moved to the city about 2 years ago, I fell in love with the Strand.  For a dollar, I was able to pick up some great books, from popular novels like the Glass Castle, to some horrible “chick lit” – all for a dollar.  Needless to say, with plenty of my chick […]

Gluttony Can Be Yours For Only $20 at Nonna Restaurant!

Several months ago I heard about this great deal on the Upper West Side – Sunday at Nonna‘s you can eat your way through six courses for only $20! I don’t get to the UWS often, so when I met up with a friend who lives in the neighborhood, I knew I had to […]

Doesn’t Break the Bank at Bella Napoli

You know you must be a big hit at an office when on your first day, 8 of your co-workers join you for a lunch out – and that’s just what happened when our former intern, McKenna, arrived this week to start full time.  Meanwhile, I couldn’t even get 8 co-workers to come out […]

Deal Alert! Budget Travel’s Restaurant Month Offers Coupons!

June marks Budget Travel‘s first annual restaurant month, and to celebrate it’s offering “meal tickets” to restaurants across the country until June 30th. Check out the link above to see which restaurants are offering deals in your state. For us New Yorkers, look for print-out coupons at Aroma Kitchen & Winebar, Ciao Bella Gelato, […]

Tabla’s Street Cart Did Not Impress

After a fun, work-approved outdoor excursion to Madison Square Park last Friday, a few of us decided to stop by Tabla‘s street cart for lunch. On paper this sounds like a great idea – a fantastic restaurant offering its food at the street cart level for a quick lunch – but unfortunately it doesn’t […]

A Little Bit of Italy for $11

On my walk home from work I noticed a small Italian restaurant next to Vezzo with a hand-written sign outside promoting a new deal: $11 for a pasta dish and a glass of wine. I certainly liked the sound of that, so I mentally checked Da’ Giulio as a place to try, but it […]

Chef Ho’s Cooks Up Great Chinese

My roommates love Chinese food, and while I prefer Thai, I decided to accompany them for Chinese for my roommate Justin’s birthday at Chef Ho’s.

Chef Ho’s isn’t your typical grungy Chinese takeout place.  Instead it’s a nice looking upscale restaurant with the whole white table clothes and China.  I was a little afraid […]

May Meze Madness is Magnificent

Caryn (thoughts are in italics) and I headed over to Pera for the “May Meze Madness” on Thursday.  For $9, we were able to sample 3 different appetizers each.  We sat at the bar and sipped on some recommended cocktails.  I tried the pomegranate martini and found it to be pretty good […]

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