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Battle of the Neighborhood Sushi Joints – ABI

Simply put, I love sushi. I dread the day that I find out I have a bun in the oven for many, many reasons, but one of them is seriously because I won’t be able to eat sushi for the duration of my pregnancy. So one way that I like to celebrate my baby-free life is by eating sushi at my leisure, and there are two good stand-bys in my office’s neighborhood – ABI (previously known as Ten) and Umi.

Both offer good lunch specials that are similarly priced: for $7 or $7.25 you get two rolls with soup and/or salad (both have the sushi lunches and bento box options as well). Truth be told, Umi has the better deal – it’s $7 and you get soup AND salad. But ABI isn’t a bad deal either, and it’s right around the corner – perfect when you’re looking to quickly pick something up for lunch or when it’s raining and you need to find a spot STAT.

Without question, I always choose a spicy, salmon, crunchy roll as one of my two. I’m also a fan of yellowtail and scallion, spicy tuna, tuna and avocado or (upon co-workers’ recommendation) peanut and avocado. It’s actually quite good and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on a better fish option. This particular day I was very hungry, so I ordered three rolls for $10 (still a great deal) – tuna with avocado, peanut avocado and spicy, salmon, crunchy rolls. And I can’t get enough of the ginger salad dressing, so I had to pick the salad over the miso soup.

ABI is dependable, and I’m very grateful for that. The sushi tastes fresh, the flavors blend nicely and it’s served at that perfect cooler-than-room-temp-but-not-too-cold temperature. I’ve never been disappointed and I continue to go back again and again. They’re also on SeamlessWeb and sometimes have additional discounts, which makes the whole experience even better.

The Basics
Name: ABI Sushi
Location: 39 e. 31st Street
Who to take: Friends, Co-workers, Self
Price: $
Overall: Dependable, tasty and cheap! 4.5 Stars.

4 comments to Battle of the Neighborhood Sushi Joints – ABI

  • Plus, if you eat at the restaurant, I love the oranges you get at the end of the meal!

  • Doug

    Caryn, I like how you’ve taken this blog to a whole new level and are really connecting with your readers. Between you swearing at us in your last post and the discussion of pregnancy in this one, I feel like I’m getting food reviews with a small slice of life on the side covered with just a dash of sass. Keep it up!

  • Lauren

    I highly recommend Aji Sushi for lunch on 34th and 3rd. They have a great lunch special for two or three rolls and it is the freshest sushi I have had in the area. Plus, they deliver.

    Best spicy tuna I’ve had in the city.

  • Caryn

    We must go. Put it on the whiteboard for next week (I’m out the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th)…yes, please plan it around me!

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