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Cheap Breakfast at Bagel Bob’s

On the way to breakfast one weekend morning, we were searching for a Bank of America.  While google maps pointed us in the wrong direction, it conveniently sent us to Bagel Bob’s on 86th and York.

Instead of heading back to our breakfast favorite, Bagel Mill, we decided to try Bagel Bob’s and was impressed.  We went with our usual breakfast sandwiches – bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel for me and ham, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel for Ben.  I had an iced coffee and Ben went with a hot chocolate.  Surprisingly, we got all this for $10 and change, which I was ecstatic about considering I had been spending a lot more for breakfast in the past (about a few bucks most at my favorite place, which is on 1st).  If you’ve been reading the blog, you know my feelings on cheese, and loved that Bagel Bob’s had a wide variety of options to put on my breakfast sandwich – I went with provolone.  

Breakfast sandwiches were great.  I loved that there wasn’t a ton of egg on there.  Secretly, I always want to order just bacon and cheese on a bagel, but don’t want to be too much of a fatty, so was happy there wasn’t a ton of egg on my sandwich.  While I would have preferred that my bagel have a bit more seasoning – not too many seeds on my everything bagel – I didn’t have to worry about my onion/garlic breath overpowering anyone I came into contact with.  My iced hazelnut coffee was delicious, but if we’re going to compare, I love the coffee at Bagel Mill a bit more.

While I wouldn’t go down the way to York just for breakfast, if I was in the area or on my way to Charles Schurz Park, I would head to Bagel Bob’s again.

The Basics
Name: Bagel Bob’s on York
Location: 1638 York Ave (between 86th and 87th)
Who to take: Friends, Self, Roommates
Price: Cheapest breakfast sandwich I’ve found so far.  $
Overall: 4 stars.  Would return if in the area.

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