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Chef Ho’s Cooks Up Great Chinese

My roommates love Chinese food, and while I prefer Thai, I decided to accompany them for Chinese for my roommate Justin’s birthday at Chef Ho’s.

Chef Ho’s isn’t your typical grungy Chinese takeout place.  Instead it’s a nice looking upscale restaurant with the whole white table clothes and China.  I was a little afraid to open the menu, but the prices were not bad, with a chicken and broccoli dish coming in at $10.95, which sadly is the same price as takeout in Manhattan.  I ordered an egg roll as well.  My roommates and our friend Lisa went with steamed and fried dumplings to start, which they raved about.  My egg roll was a typical egg roll, but I loved the spicy mustard sauce that accompanied the duck sauce – it definitely tasted homemade, and not the pre-packaged kind.  The only complaint I had was our appetizers were delivered at all different times, which I found to be a little annoying, because we were all eating at different times.

On to the main course.  My chicken and broccoli came out, and I found the chicken to be delicious.  It was all white meat, and the sauce was very light.  I loved that the sauce was a nice amber color, not that murky brown stuff you usually find at a takeout joint.  The broccoli was crisp and delicious and probably my favorite part of the meal.  I knew I would have enough leftovers for lunch, so I had to force myself not to eat any more broccoli – it was so hard to save it.

The roommates ordered General Tsaos and I sampled that as well.  Again, it was not covered in heavy breading like the dish typically is and I thought it was enjoyable.  I don’t know what it was about Chef Ho’s, but even the Fortune Cookies tasted better with a nice vanilla after taste.  Next time I want Chinese, I’m heading to Chef Ho’s.  

The Basics
Name: Chef Ho’s
Location: 1720 2nd Ave (between 89th and 90th)
Who to bring: Friends, Date, Parents
Price: A little more than takeout. $$
Overall:  A favorite in our apartment.  5 stars. 

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3 comments to Chef Ho’s Cooks Up Great Chinese

  • Caryn

    Who has to hold back from eating too many vegetables? Seriously? I’m a little concerned that you are raving about broccoli…

  • Lydia

    My boyfriend and I recently relocated to NYC (95th and 3rd) and have been scouting out inexpensive/free things to do ever since. I was craving chinese and went to Chef Ho’s last night based on your review. You have noooo idea how happy we were to get great tasting food so close to us, in good portions, for good prices, and in a nice place. Any place that gives me free tea scores points too, so that helped haha. Seriously, thank you so much.

  • Lydia, glad you enjoyed it! I even forgot about the free tea because I didn’t drink it!

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