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Mexican Radio – I Don’t Get the Name, But I Like the Food

Last Friday I went to dinner at Mexican Radio before heading over to Finnerty’s to meet up with some other friends. I went to Mexican Radio once before for a friend’s birthday party and really enjoyed it (and I may have been to the one in Hudson county too, I can’t remember). Anyway, I had a City Shuffle Diner’s Deck $10 gift certificate there, and I was in the mood for margaritas, so I went down to Soho to revisit this Mexican restaurant.

The first thing we ordered (or attempted to) was a pitcher of margaritas. Crafty little ones that they are, they don’t list the price of the pitchers on the menu. However, I had the sense to ask the waiter how much they were and was absolutely shocked to find out a pitcher cost $46! Maybe I live in a cave or something, but that seemed outrageous to me. Needless to say we switched our order and went for a pitcher of Dos Equis at a much more reasonable price of $20. Unfortunately the beer tasted stale and watered down, so we ended up with a pitcher of Stella, but that’s just fine.

I went with my old favorite, chicken enchiladas, and my friend ordered the special BBQ pork plantain rellenos. You can order it with chicken, beef or veggies on the regular menu, but for $1 more the BBQ pork seemed worth it. My enchiladas, as always, were delicious. You have the option of rice and beans or a small salad for the side, but I went for the former and enjoyed it thoroughly. The red, spicy sauce had just enough heat (in fact, I could have taken it a little spicier), the chicken was moist and the flavors all blended nicely together.

The plaintain rellenos were even better. I’ve had it once before at Yuca Bar, and it was just as good. The sweetness of the plaintains is the perfect complement to the salty and sweet barbecue pork. Everything was soft and flavorful, and our only complaint was that the serving was almost too small.

My roommate actually went to Mexican Radio that Sunday, and while she liked it, she thought it was too pricey (she was not too keen on paying $17 for a burrito, and I can’t blame her). However, with the two entrees and a pitcher of beer, our bill came to $53. But take away our $10 and it came out to $43, plus tax and tip. For the quality of food, I couldn’t complain about that.

The Basics
Name: Mexican Radio
19 Cleveland Place
Who to take: Friends, a Date
Price: $$$$ – Better have a coupon (and we did, sort of)
Overall: Good quality Mexican, 4 Stars.

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