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Hungry for the Hungarian Pastry Shop

Guest Post by Sarah Coniski, Upper West Side Correspondent

When it comes to baklava, I am spoiled.  My great aunt, Florence Stachowicz (don’t let the Polish last name fool you – she is of Greek ancestry), makes the best baklava I’ve ever eaten. It is buttery and rich, sweet and crunchy and perfectly layered. Unfortunately I don’t get it often enough, however, I’ve found a bakery on the Upper West Side that offers a good substitute for when I can’t get it from my aunt.

The Hungarian Pastry Shop, offers large, thick pieces of the baklava that are really a bit too large for one serving, which is just fine for me because I find the leftovers to be just as yummy on the second day. It is flaky, buttery and sweet, though on some occasions a bit too syrupy (as pictured). The baklava contains a generous portion of roughly chopped walnuts, just the way I like them. Knowing the amount of work that goes into making baklava, I consider the cost at just around $3.00 a bargain.

Besides the baklava, the bakery offers a wide assortment of cookies and cakes. Additionally, it offers strong coffees, which are excellent, if that’s what you like. There is seating at the bakery, though I prefer to take away and enjoy it in the park across the street. If you choose the park, too, just be aware that you may find a squirrel and bird invasion as they look to sample your nut-filled treat.

The Basics
Name: Hungarian Pastry Shop
Location: 1030 Amsterdam Ave, between 110th and 11th Streets
Who to bring: Friends
Price: It’s a bargain. $.
Overall: Delicious.  5 stars.

Hungarian Pastry Shop on Urbanspoon

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