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My Never-ending Quest For Buffalo Chicken Pizza in NYC

Buffalo wings are almost as easy to find as your next Starbucks in this city. So why, I ask you, is it so damn hard to find a good slice of buffalo chicken pizza? Go to Long Island, and every pizzeria will be stocked with this heavenly variety of two old classics – pizza and buffalo wings. But here, the city known for its ethnically diverse cuisines, I can’t find a freaking slice of it. I even started a thread on Yelp a few months ago which didn’t yield too much success.

So that where does that leave me? Wandering in and out of pizzerias in Manhattan seeking out the gold standard (in my mind) of pizza. I walk in, look carefully at the pizzas on display, glance up to read the out-dated menu hanging from the ceiling, and finally ask the men behind the counter if they serve buffalo chicken pizza. Usually I get a “no,” and sometimes it’s a “sure, if you buy the whole pie.” This does not please me.

But I’ve had some success, albeit it limited. However, I have recently found buffalo chicken pizza at pizzeria – Pizza & Pita on 34th close to 1st Ave. It’s definitely good and probably priced at about $3.50 a slice, which is to be expected. It’s not the best I ever had (Garden City Pizza, you still have my heart), but I’ll take it for now.

What I don’t like is that at Pizza & Pita they take regular pizza and then add the buffalo chicken and blue cheese dressing on top. I don’t need a traditional marinara/cheese slice as my base. I want dough, buffalo wing bites and blue cheese dressing/sauce, but not too much. They also have a great chicken roll.

I am on a quest for more delicious buffalo chicken pizza in this city. So if you know a place, please, please, please tell us about it in the comments!

The Basics
Name: Pizza & Pita
Location: 334 e. 34th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues
Who to bring: Self, Friends
Price: $. Even a homeless guy could afford it.
Overall: My best, and only, option thus far – tentatively 5 Stars.

Pizza & Pita on Urbanspoon

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