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Deal Alert! Free Pizza on Fridays!

The other night I went to dinner with a friend and we topped the night off with a drink. She promised to take me to a dive bar in the East Village (probably not the hardest thing to find) and she certainly kept her promise, thankfully.

Andrea took me to Standings Bar on 7th Street between 2nd Avenue and Cooper Square. It’s a small bar with a bunch of stools, a few wooden tables, several flat screen TVs for you sports buffs, and flags from colleges and universities across the country hanging from the ceiling. I liked the feel of it – fun, a little cozy, certainly not pretentious, and I have to say, I liked the beer selection, with only Bud Light and Guinness as the two recognizable beers. (The bartender explained the Bud Light – when people hang out for the whole day watching games, they like to switch to lighter beers, and Bud Light does the trick…but who am I kidding? I’m no beer snob, I still like my Bud Lights.)

Anyway, I checked out the menu, and being unfamiliar with most of the beers (averaging $6 a piece), I decided to go for the sampler. For $8 I was able to sample 5 oz of six beers, totaling 30 oz of beer, or a little over 2.5 beers. I’m no math whiz, but it was easy to see that this was a deal. Best part is, you get to pick the six beers you want to try. The bartender (Gary) was patient and walked me through each beer on tap (about a dozen or so), so I was able to pick a Caryn-specific sampler of beer. That made me happy.

So I didn’t love all the beers, but that’s the point of trying them, right? And I really enjoyed four of them…too bad I can’t remember what they were. I do remember a pale ale, a wheat beer and an amber beer. Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the sampler, and even happier when I saw a small flier on the wall – free pizza on Fridays at 8 pm.

What’s that you ask? Yes, free pizza on Fridays. No, not the small “pizzas” made by the Crocodile Lounge staff, but legit pizza from a bona-fide New York pizzeria. Apparently if you’re there at 8 on a Friday, the bartenders order pizza from a nearby pizzeria for all in the bar (truthfully, I cannot comment on the quality of pizza, but I hope to report back soon). Now, I’m not sure if that means one piece per person, two pieces, etc., but I still like the sound of it. And, until 8 pm on weekdays, all beers are $1 off (unfortunately the sampler stays at $8).

So let’s recap. It’s Friday, you’re tired from the week and you just want to drink and eat something. Why not check out Standings Bar and get the sampler for $8, get pretty tipsy, find what you like, order a pint of it for $1 off until 8 pm, and then stick around for the free pizza. Not a bad plan, right?

The Basics
Name: Standings Bar
Location: 43 e. 7th Street between 2nd Avenue and Cooper Square
Who to bring: Everyone, co-workers, friends, etc.
Price: $ -$$, depends on how long you stay of course.
Overall: A beer sampler for $8 and free pizza? 5 Stars

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