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Flip a Coin, Win Free Drinks

Last Tuesday, I decided to visit an old favorite bar, Flight 151, down in Chelsea.  While Flight 151 has a variety of specials throughout the week, what really attracted me to the bar on a Tuesday is that it’s flip night.  For those unfamiliar, on Tuesday beginning at 7 p.m. through 1 a.m., every time you order a drink at the bar, the bartender flips a coin and if you guess right, you get that drink for free.  Our table had a pretty high success rate of winning free drinks – I won when I ordered at the bar and received my drink for free.

If you don’t want to wait til 7 p.m. to flip for drinks, not a big deal simply because Flight 151 has a great Happy Hour.  Bud and Bud Lights EVERY day of the week, until 7 p.m., are $1.50.   I repeat, $1.50.

While the drink deals cannot be beat, the food is pretty good too.  Usually I stick to a chicken sandwich with curly fries, but I decided to branch out with a chicken caesar wrap this time.  I prefer the sandwich, as the dressing on the wrap tasted a little watered down.  In addition, it could have used some croutons.  Still, the wrap was filling and I couldn’t eat the whole thing.  The spicy curly fries were excellent and all sandwiches come with your choice of potato, all for under $10.

All in all, Flight 151 is a great Happy Hour spot, with good food.  There are plenty of tables to sit, eat, drink and catch up with friends.  Furthermore, Tuesday’s Flip Night just makes the experience that much more exciting.  Flight 151 also boasts other events throughout the week, such as trivia on Thursday.  My only complaint with trivia is that you have to be present at the bar in order to answer and only one winner is selected to get a free drink, based on who the bartender hears first – which can be difficult in a crowded bar.  On Wednesday the bar also has a “Spin the Wheel” night, where you can get $2 shots, as well as $4 margaritas on Mondays.  Definitely check it out – even for a regular Happy Hour!

The Basics
Name: Flight 151
Location: 151 8th Ave (between 17th and 18th)
Who to bring: Friends, co-workers
Price: Sandwiches under $10.
Overall: In my rotation, especially for a Tuesday night.  4 Stars.

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