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Deal Alert! Free Vivanno Smoothie at Starbucks!

Note:  We’ve been asked to remove the coupon.  Out of courtesy and the fact that I’d never be able to afford to fight it (after all this is a deals blog), the coupon has been removed.

I’ll confess, I’ve never tried a Vivanno Smoothie at Starbucks – but if it’s free, why not?  Our friend Tim passed along these coupons offering a free Vivanno Smoothie of your choice, as well as two coupons for 50% off the beverages.  This deal expires on September 30 and we recommend asking if the coupon is accepted before placing your order.  Enjoy!

7 comments to Deal Alert! Free Vivanno Smoothie at Starbucks!

  • Leigh

    It works! It was our lunch yesterday so no worries

  • jen

    Do I print out the pdf? there’s no bar code or anyhing. Has anyone tried this print out to see if it works?

  • Tim Mambort

    I tried to use this yesterday at the 31st and 6th location and they explained they only take the original coupon. It was heart breaking news.

  • Phil

    just tried using it and it DOES NOT work. The word from the boss is it has to be the original coupon, not a photocopy or print out. Look into making a really great color double sided print out…maybe you can trick them.

  • Ugh, stupid chains. Why must they trick us into thinking we have a valid coupon, only to be rejected at the cash register? Then you’re in that awkward moment – do I say “no thank you” and walk out, knowing that those behind the register and behind me in line are thinking “cheap skate!”? Or do I suck it up and just pay the $2-5 and act like it’s no big deal, while secretly damning myself for spending a few dollars that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Or, is this just me and am I thinking too much about it? It’s probably that.

  • Cinnie

    I was the first person to present the coupon to the Starbucks on 21 and M Street, DC. It worked for me. Guess they hadn’t read the fine print yet. It does say “no reproductions accepted.”

  • […] that we don’t receive an email from someone at corporate making us take down the coupon a la Starbucks.  As always, call ahead of time to make sure your intended location accepts the coupon. We’ve […]

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