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Delicious Sandwiches at Lamazou

When looking for a place to grab lunch the other day, I decided to check out Yelp for some great sandwich shops in the Murray Hill area.  Luckily, I stumbled across Lamazou.

Lamazou is a little cheese shop, located on 3rd between 26th and 27th that has imported treats from around the world – if you have ever studied abroad, you’ll comb the shelves looking for those special cookies or chips that you used to purchase at Standa in Florence.  In addition to these treats, there’s also the sandwiches.  There’s a list of about 20 different specialty sandwiches, and you also are invited to make your own creation.  You all know about my love for cheese, so I had difficulty choosing between sandwiches with provolone or brie, but ultimately went with my provolone, because one of the options was paired with salami – the mirabella sandwich.  Toss on some lettuce, tomato and a little balsamic vinegar, and I was good to go.

Frankly, I found the sandwich to be delicious.  I loved that this sandwich wasn’t dry, but instead had the right amount of balsamic vinegar.  The provolone was great but had an interesting flavor – it was a bit sharper than most provolones I’ve experienced.  While I enjoyed this sandwich, I wish I ordered it on a baguette rather than the ciabatta bread.  I felt like some kind of savage eating the sandwich because it was a bit difficult to chew the bread.

I’d love to try Lamazou again, but wish it was a little less expensive.  Sandwiches run upwards of $9, but you can get half sandwiches under $5.  While I couldn’t eat the entire sandwich in one sitting, I definitely reached for the other half later in the afternoon, so I’d advise getting the whole thing.  Also, keep in mind this isn’t a place where you are going to sit and enjoy a sandwich, but rather take it to go.  To sum it up – one of my friends, Rob (our Health Conscious Correspondent) said it best – it’s not as cheap as Subway, but a much better change of pace.

The Basics
Name: Lamazou
Location: 370 3rd Ave (between 26th and 27th)
Who to bring: Co-workers or go alone
Price: Upwards of $9 for lunch.  $
Overall:  Enjoyed it.  4 stars.

Lamazou Cheese on Urbanspoon

2 comments to Delicious Sandwiches at Lamazou

  • Doug

    Although the spicy mustard led to a few tears down my cheeks, this was a great find for lunch. Beyond just the change of pace, I think this place offers a superior quality to a Subway or any deli, with a great assortment of meats and sandwich options. I’ve never been to Italy, but for 25 minutes I felt like I was a little bit closer. Perhaps next time I’ll pair my sandwich with some Gelato and a viewing of “Under the Tuscan Sun” and really live the full experience.

  • kim

    that looks like a substantial sandwich. Lots of filling. Could you just buy the fillings and make your own sandwich to save some money?

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