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First – and Last – Time at Limerick House

You know a restaurant is bad when you show up a few drinks in, and find the food to be disgusting.

Wednesday night after consuming a few cocktails at the StyleFixx party, Caryn and several of our friends decided to find a place for dinner.  Starving, we stumbled into the Limerick House, on 23rd and 8th, despite my requests for Shake Shack.  I had my heart set on french onion soup, but knowing I’d probably still be hungry, I decided to split an appetizer sampler with Caryn.  We all paired up and split samplers since it was a great deal  – for $14, we were able to select any 4 appetizers off the menu and create our own sampler.

Caryn and I decided to go with chicken fingers, nachos, quesadillas and mozzarella sticks.  All of it was pretty awful.  We ate it, but I would have much preferred it if this food came from the frozen aisle at Costco.  The chicken fingers weren’t chicken fingers but were more like chicken in a breading similar to the sweet and sour chicken you get at a Chinese restaurant.  The honey mustard dipping sauce was good, but Caryn and I didn’t even touch the last finger.  We had asked about the nachos before and should have known they’d be bad, since they mentioned it was canned cheese, but talk about lack of effort.  There was nothing on these chips except cheese wiz, and a scoop of chunky salsa.  The mozzarella sticks were okay, but were lacking the yummy seasoning and breading mozz sticks typically have.  Like the chicken fingers, there was an awful lot of breading.  Finally, the quesadilla just tasted off – it wasn’t real cheese, but more like a sauce of spices, salsa and cheese.  And let’s face it, you know how much I need my dairy fix.

My advice:  never step foot in Limerick House.  Even my glass of tap water tasted poor.

The Basics
Name: Limerick House
Location: 69 W 23rd Street (at 8th)
Who to bring: No one because you are not going.
Price: $$ Most dishes between $10-20
Overall:  Disgusting.  0 stars.

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7 comments to First – and Last – Time at Limerick House

  • I must reiterate…you know it’s bad if you’re tipsy/drunk and you still hate the food. And it’s greasy bar food which is supposed to taste extra good! What a disappointment.

  • Doug

    Nothing pains me more than those thin ‘chicken fingers’ that are 98% bread. How can restaurants have the audacity to serve them, and how can they even call them chicken fingers? It is a disservice to true chicken fingers out there. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that nobody enjoys them.

    To properly distinguish them from the real thing, I, from here on out, will refer to them only as bread fingers. Furthermore, I propose a task force (I love a good task force) that works to eliminate bread fingers from this city. If we keep this in the forefront, together we can solve this social issue once and for all.

  • Matty D

    That’s horrendous. Better off just sticking with the premiere of fried food and dipping sauce…the Outback Blooming Onion.

  • Dory

    I’m sorry, but I’m so happy I left the group at that point. I had a crumbs cupcake when I got home and it was delightful.

  • Andy

    You must have really hated it? You are usually a little more diplomatic in your wrting.

    I’d call this a pretty intense negative reaction – Good prep for when you get to be the nasty Top Chef judge eventually

  • Liz

    I never met a nacho platter I didn’t like, until our fateful trip to Limerick House.

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