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Food is Not a Gem at Topaz Thai

When our friend Trish was visiting the city from Indiana, we decided to check out a Thai restaurant for dinner, simply because she can’t easily get Thai back home.  Since she was staying over on 54th and 6th, we headed over to the nearby Topaz Thai, thanks to a recommendation from Yelp.

Topaz Thai was fairly small, and we waited a few minutes before getting a table for the three of us.  The restaurant wasn’t anything trendy or special, but was ideal for catching up with a group of friends, as the waiters certainly didn’t rush us.

Surprise surprise, I started the meal off with some calamari.  This calamari was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  Instead of beautiful rings of squid, there were a few squid rings, with strips of fried batter.  Instead of having a dipping sauce, there was a spicy sauce drizzled across the top.  This was supposed to be a fried coconut calamari, and instead of there being any coconut flavor in the batter, a coconut sauce was also drizzled across the top instead.  We all joked that it was like we were digging for any actual pieces of calamari, and we commented that the dish looked like those fried canned onions you put on top of a green bean casserole.  In addition to this appetizer, we also received for free these little rice cakes with some peanut dipping sauce.  The sauce had a really nice kick to it and I think maybe next time (if there is a next time) I’d order something that had this sauce on it.

Instead of my usual chicken pad thai, I went with the shrimp pad thai this time.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed.  There were maybe about 4 shrimps in the whole dish.  But kudos to Topaz Thai for actually putting big pieces of tofu in the dish.  Caryn wouldn’t have been a fan of the dish however, since it didn’t have any pieces of egg in it.

After dinner, we sat…and sat….and sat.  No one came by for a good 20 mins to check on us – and we were smack dab in the middle of the restaurant.

Overall, Topaz Thai had more minuses than pluses in my book.  Next time a friend is staying in that area, I’ll suggest we travel for Thai or consider a different cuisine.

The Basics
Name: Topaz Thai
Location: 127 W. 56th between 6th and 7th
Who to bring: Friends, Small Parties
Price: $$.  Most entrees around $10
Overall: 2.5 stars.  No reason to go back.

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