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Two Apps + Three Entrees = $12?

Last week I tried a Thai place, Kati, near Stuy Town with an old co-worker (no, not Laura). We decided on Kati because I previously bought a $25 Restaurant.com certificate for it at 80% off (totaling $2), and a financial incentive never hurts.

The place is small and pretty brightly lit, so it’s not an intimate setting, but it’s fine for friends catching up. In order to qualify to use the $25 certificate, we had to spend $35 (the rules and restrictions vary per restaurant), which is normally very easy to do, but the place was so cheap that it was almost difficult.

We started with two appetizers (priced at $5 each) – calamari with a plum dipping sauce and a Thai salad. The calamari was quite good and the salad was okay – too tangy for me. For dinner, I ordered the chicken pad thai after reading that it was quite good, and it was. One of the best chicken pad thais I’ve had in a while – huge pieces of chicken, a sweet and spicy sauce that actually got the balance right and it wasn’t too saucy or too dry. And after splitting two apps, I was pretty full so there was more than enough to make lunch out of it the next day. My friend ordered a sweet and sour kind of dish with shrimp which was okay, not my favorite.

We both had diet cokes (it’s byob until they get a liquor license), which didn’t add to the bill much, so we were still under our mark. The one dessert option didn’t look appetizing so we decided to get a third meal to go and we just split it up for extra lunches for both of us.

We got all of that for a mere $37. Take away $25 and we were down to $12. Add tax and tip, and we each paid less than $10 to split two appetizers and three entrees. That’s pretty incredible, and the food was good to boot.

I was so happy with my experience that I went straight home and bought more certificates. Get them now while you can for 80% off by using the code “treat” in the discount box.

The Basics

Name: Kati Thai Cuisine
Location: 347 e. 14th Street (at 1st Ave)
Who to bring: Friends
Price: $. It’s cheap as is, add in the certificate and it’s practically stealing
Overall:  Love the food, love the prices, love the deal. 5 Stars.

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