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Daytime Drinking at Down the Hatch

I recently fell back in love with daytime drinking.  There’s really nothing better than having a few beers midday, going to bed by midnight, and having all of Sunday hangover-free to tackle whatever projects you wanted to finish over the weekend.

Last weekend, I headed over to Down the Hatch to indulge in some beers and wings.  Down the Hatch, located in the West Village, has a pretty sweet deal on Saturday and Sundays – pay $21, and you’ll have unlimited wings, fries and onion rings from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Need something to wash down those wings? You’ll also get 3 pitchers of beer.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to juggle several pitchers.  Instead, you get tickets, and you can redeem each ticket for a beer or use four tickets and get a pitcher.  You can select any of the beers on tap – I believe I was drinking Michelob Ultra for most of the afternoon (gotta cut those calories somewhere).

The bar had plenty of tables and counters to eat wings off of, and unlike a night bar scene, everyone was friendly.  People were sharing tables, chatting it up, pouring you some beer, etc.  Granted, I was in NYU territory and may have been about 4 years older than some of the patrons, but everyone was getting along fine – to the point where I may have screamed out “Coll-ege.”

The aftermath of daytime drinking: Tim in pigtails.

Now on to the beer – when I heard 1-6 p.m., I knew there was no reason for me to get there at 1, given that I was not 100% on Friday after the New Year activities.  Instead, we got there at 3.  At first I was a little upset because back in the day, Saturday activities were all you can drink and now I was limited to 3 pitchers (this coming from the girl who only needs 3 beers).  But, we didn’t come close to redeeming all our drink tickets – not even the guys.  As a heads up, at 5:30 the bartenders stop serving pitchers, but you can still get cups of beer.  The bartenders are fine with you stocking up with beer at your table – I believe once it became 6 p.m., we may have had 2 pitchers left and stayed for another hour.  Some bartenders didn’t even collect tickets, which was great.

As far as the food went, it was your typical bar food and was perfect for accompanying a pint.  Wings came with fries and you could order onion rings too if you wanted.  Our favorite Atomic Wings provides the wings at Down the hatch, and they have the 89thandbroke.com seal of approval.

If you are looking to grab a few drinks during the day, check out Down the Hatch.  It’s a much more affordable option than sitting in any other bar in this city and ordering drinks and food.

The Basics
Name: Down the Hatch
Location: 179 W. 4th St between Jones St and Barrow St
Who to bring: Friends
Price: If you go the whole time, less than $5 to drink and eat per hour! $
Overall:  Is it bad I think I may swing by tomorrow?  4 stars (rating based on daytime drinking)

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