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Eating Event! The Village Voice’s Third Annual Choice Eats Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Do yourself a favor and buy your ticket to this year’s Village Voice’s Choice Eats event, held Monday, March 22nd. Stop reading, just click that link and go do it…then come back to see why you were so wise to listen blindly.

This is a killer event if you like restaurants/food (and if you don’t, I don’t know why you’re reading our blog). Last year Laura and I checked out the Choice Eats and I can easily say it was hands-down one of the best nights of 2009. Hosted at the 69th Armory, we were overwhelmed with rows and rows of tables offering food, wine and beer samplings. We ate and drank, and then ate and drank some more and it was spectacular.

So what is this place we call heaven? Well, quite simply it’s a huge room featuring over 50 restaurants from the five boroughs (all previously reviewed by The Village Voice) bringing you their best, with complementary wine, craft beers and cocktails to help wash it all down. Basically you can eat your way through some of the best restaurants in New York City (and of course that means you can sample cuisines from all over the world too) without ever walking outside – amazing, right?

If you buy tickets ASAP (but of course you already did that after reading the first line of this blog post), they’re only $35 for the general admission (6:30-9:30 pm). But there are only a select number of discounted early-bird tickets, so you better move fast, per our suggestion. After they sell out, the price is bumped up to $45 – still worth it! But if you are smart and buy your ticket immediately for $35, I can personally guarantee you a far more satisfying experience than any Restaurant Week menu has to offer.

If this kind of event is really your thing, then consider splurging and purchasing a VIP ticket. You’ll get to access the show an hour earlier with special samplings from Fatty Crab, Fette Sau, Tiffin Wallah, Porchetta, Kuma Inn, and they promise other benefits and surprises. VIP tickets initially are $65, but they too will increase in price once the early-bird tickets are gone (they’ll then run for $75).

We can’t say if the VIP ticket is worth it or not because last year we went with the general admission, but we certainly didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. That also could do with the severe amount of pain we were in after eating our way through just two or three rows of restaurants…and make no mistake about it, that pain that was well worth it. Just dress sensibly – elastic pants, maternity pants, whatever works – and try not to eat at all that day, you’ll thank us later.

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