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Try This Trick! Blackboard Eats Serves Up Deals Twice A Week!

There’s a new money-saving operation in town, and from the looks of it we like it quite a lot. Blackboard Eats (available in NYC and LA for now) is the cousin to sites like Groupon and Restaurant.com which have done a lot to keep some extra money in our pockets.

Here’s how it works: You sign up for the e-newsletter and every Tuesday and Thursday a deal will be sent to your inbox. You’ll get a pass code and you have one month to redeem it (verbally, no printing here) at the restaurant. So there’s no monetary exchange, there’s no waiting for a big enough group of people to get in on the deal (although I’ve never had any problems with that on Groupon), there’s no minimum purchase required to use the deal and you’ll have up to eight valid deals at any one time.

Our only concern is…does it work? We’ve had trouble with Restaurant.com gift certificates in the past, and this seems to be a bit looser since you don’t even need a piece of paper to prove that you’re in on the deal. So if you’ve tried it out, please do let us know how it worked for you!

Other deal sites to check out:

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