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Good Pizza, Cheap Beer, Free Appetizers – Andreas’ Has It All

After much deliberation, Laura, Doug, McKenna and I headed over to Andreas’ in Gramercy for dinner and a few drinks last night. I had been there once before with my mom for brunch and I was pleased with the delicious bread basket served and my chicken Caesar salad, so I was happy to try it again for dinner – especially because they had a good happy hour ($3 draft beers, $5 glasses of wine) with free appetizers.

Like the last time, Andreas’ was empty when we arrived. In fact, I’ve never seen this place bustling so I’m not sure how they can afford to keep it open. But the empty space was fine by me since we weren’t looking for a rowdy bar to hang out in anyway. We grabbed a few Blue Moons up at the bar for $3 each and when I inquired about the free appetizers (I’m always skeptical about the free food promos panning out), she assured us that chicken fingers were on the way.

They weren’t necessarily the best chicken fingers I’ve had, but they were free so that certainly made them taste a little better. And while the Web site says Happy Hour is from 4:30-7:30, upon arrival we were informed that it would be over at 7 pm. We were initially disappointed, but much to our happy surprise, they did eventually extend it until 7:30. So if you go, “confirm” that Happy Hour lasts until 7:30 and make sure to ask about the free apps.

On to dinner…again we received a great bread basket. It’s probably just pizza dough rolled up sort of like the Pillsbury croissant rolls with some rosemary, but they were piping hot (read: fresh) and tasted delicious dipped in olive oil and salt (but then again, almost anything does). We ordered a large pizza (Andreas’ is a brickoven pizza restaurant, so we thought it was worth a try), half plain, half sausage, and a side Caesar salad. The salad was good again and I thought the pizza was very good, albeit a little hot when it came out because I burned the roof of my mouth on the hot cheese. One might say that I could have used restraint and waited for it to cool down before eating it, but those people would be fools.

In particular I liked the sausage topping because it was crumbled sausage, not sliced, and for me that often makes all the difference. What can I say? I was brought up on Pizza Hut pizza when I lived in Pittsburgh and I still think they have the best sausage topping around, and their sausage was crumbled.

All in all I thought Andreas’ was a good, quiet place for conversation, some cheap beers, a free appetizer and good pizza. Who can complain about that?

The Basics

Name: Andreas’

Location:307 Third Avenue, between 23rd and 24th Streets

Who to take: Friends, Family, Coworkers, a Date

Price: The menu itself is standard, but the Happy Hour deal makes it even more affordable. $$

Overall: 4.5 Stars. The only thing it’s missing is a few more patrons to give it some kind of vibe.

Andrea's Brick Oven Ristorante on Urbanspoon

3 comments to Good Pizza, Cheap Beer, Free Appetizers – Andreas’ Has It All

  • Mema is also a fan of crumbled sausage on pizza. I thought you would enjoy that lil tidbit.

  • Doug

    I think “much deliberation” is being a bit kind. However, I’m glad we settled here for all the reasons you state above – with one exception. I like my sausage pizza to have large slices of sausage, and not crumbled. I think you get much more flavor in a bite, and it allows the spice of the sausage to stick out. I just feel like you lose something when you start to crumble.

    However, I agree it was too hot. When brushing my teeth later in the night (and flossing!) I noticed the roof of my mouth was a bit tender, and that I apparently was inpatient as well. Oh well – fun night overall.

  • I do enjoy that tidbit since I’m a fan of Mema’s as well.

    Interesting Doug…I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the sausage. I like it crumbled so that I get more sausage in each bite; you don’t always get a piece of sausage with each bite when it’s sliced. But I suppose that you’d rather have some bites without sausage so that when you get those glorious pieces, the flavor is really packed in there.

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