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We’re Fans of West 3rd Common

Earlier this week, Laura (thoughts in italics) and I were lucky enough to visit West 3rd Common (full disclosure: we were invited to dine there. We are ethical bloggers!). West 3rd Common is owned by the same person who runs Common Ground, which our guest writer, Jenni, reviewed last week, and it just opened this past December.

The first thing I noticed was the space and décor – it was a beautiful lounge/restaurant with two spaces – a smaller bar area in the front (still spacious) and a larger dining area in the back. There were red velvet booths, dark wood tables and chairs, enormous, antique-looking chandeliers and huge windows in the back area (unfortunately a wall is just a few inches/feet behind the window). Nonetheless, I thought it’d be a great spot for a date or larger birthday dinner.

We started with some wine (I particularly enjoyed my pinot noir and Laura tried a sauvignon blanc and then a pinot grigio) and after much deliberation, and some recommendations, we tried their sliders – one duck with kim chi and a sweet hoisen sauce, a cheeseburger slider and a pulled pork BBQ slider. They were all delicious, but the duck and burger sliders stood out to me. I loved that the burger was a mini version of the Common Burger.  I like burgers, but after a few bites I sometimes need a break so this was perfect.  I also loved the combination of the duck and kim chi.

For my dinner I went with the house recommendation – the Common Burger. A larger version of the slider, their burgers are specially made (I believe we were told that they’re steamed first, making them extra juicy. Yup, they are steamed and cooked medium to medium well as a result, also tasted very well seasoned) with cheddar cheese, arugula, tomatoes, sautéed onions and herbed aioli. It was sooo delicious and very large, so expect to share or take some home with you. Truly this burger is worth trying and should be a must-order for someone in your dinner party. Caryn, how could you forget the garlic fries?  I think it may have been the first time I was happy to not be coming home to a guy I was in love with.  The fries were fabulous if you like garlic, but a little strong if you are planning on a little makeout action later.  If you decide to go to West 3rd Common with a date from match.com and you don’t want the end of the night going anywhere, order the fries.

Laura had the smoked gouda mac and cheese on the side of the sweet chili glaze wings from the appetizer menu. I liked the flavor of the smoked gouda, but wish it could have been a little cheesier – don’t worry, I shared these thoughts with the owner.  Caryn enjoyed it though, just because she’s not a fan of super creamy mac and cheese. I thought the wings were spot on – sweet, juicy and very meaty. These wings weren’t your typical bar wing.  Each wing felt like a mini-meal they were that meaty.

We also mentioned that we’d like to try the herbed rotini pasta, with tomatoes, pan seared wild mushrooms, garlic and parmesan.  The owner, Dan, ordered this for his dinner and we sampled a little bit.  This too was delicious.  I had made an earlier comment that I wouldn’t order this because I could make it myself, but let’s face it – I probably couldn’t and would not snub it again.

We were bursting at the seam at this point, but we were convinced to try a dessert – the chocolate brownie with peanut butter cream, brulee banana and chocolate puffs. Now don’t kill me, but I’m actually not a huge chocolate and peanut butter or peanut butter and banana fan…it’s too thick or something for me. So while it was good, my favorite part of it was the brownie by itself. Bananas and peanut butter are my favorite combo, so toss in a brownie, and this to me is heaven.  I would have liked a little more bananas though on it just because I do enjoy a good serving of fruit every now and then.

This was a great find and we’d highly recommend it to anyone. And if you need another reason to check it out, they have a pretty good happy hour: $3 draft beers, $4 glasses of wine and $5 cosmos and appletinis every day (yes, Saturday nights too) from 4-8 pm, making it the perfect spot to grab a cheap drink before dinner, a movie or any other event. And if you check it out during a non-happy hour and you still want a deal, just add them as a friend on Facebook and receive a free draft beer! Oh and need another reason – brunch is only $20 and includes an entree with unlimited mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and screwdrivers.  I think my next Tri-Sigma reunion will be held here.

The Basics
Name: West 3rd Common
Location: 1 West 3rd St between Mercer and Broadway
Who to Bring: Date, Friends
Price: $$  Most entrees between $11-18
Overall: You know how there is “New American” food? This is “New Bar” food. 5 stars.

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