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A Practically Perfect Pizza Place (Do You Like That Alliteration?)

My roommate and I went out to dinner at Posto Thin Crust Pizza a week or so ago to celebrate my birthday. Although we’ve walked by it a bunch of times neither of us had ever tried it, so this was the perfect excuse. It had a nice outdoor seating area, but it was getting chillier by the minute so we opted for indoors, which admittedly had a bit of a weird aroma to it.

We were seated right away and as we looked at the menu we realized that we could order pizza combos already set or build our own pizza (which I suppose is that you do every time you order a pizza with specific toppings on it). The build-your-own option is like any salad place in the city – you start with a base of $6.50 for a personal pie ($13 for a 16” large pie) with your choice of marinara sauce and cheese, pesto and cheese or extra virgin olive oil. From there you can add toppings as you see fit, costing you between $1/$2 and $2.50/$5 per topping for each pizza size.

Courtesy of Rate a Restaurant Blog

Courtesy of Rate a Restaurant Blog

In the end we went with some house combos. I ordered the Salsiccia Dolce ($10) – marinara sauce, cheese, sweet Italian sausage, caramelized onions and fresh basil, and she had The Big Pineapple ($12) – marinara sauce, cheese, fresh pineapple, smoked bacon, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. We also both went for the nine-grain organic pizza crust which added a mere $.50 to our personal pizzas. To accompany our dinner we each had a glass of Chianti wine for $7 each.

I loved my pizza, but then again I was combining sausage, caramelized onions and pizza – how could I go wrong? It tasted very fresh, none of the flavors were particularly overpowering (in a good way) and the crust wasn’t too crispy, which I am usually afraid of when I order thin crust pizza. Katie was a big fan of her pizza as well, and I’d definitely go back to try other combos.

Although we were getting pretty full after slice 3 or 4, we pushed on and each finished our pizzas. However, we both agreed that the best part was that while we were very satisfied with our meals, we were not overwhelmed and hurting after dinner. I think this was due in part to the pizza being thin crust. In fact, we felt good enough to go half way down the block and drink Monday night away at a new-found love which I’ll tell you all about later this week. So stay tuned.

I started looking for a new apartment yesterday so I’m sad that I didn’t get to enjoy this pizza place during my tenure in Gramercy. My only gripe is that you can’t order by the slice, but I guess that’s how most of these pizza restaurants (e.g., Vezzo’s) go. But for those in the neighborhood, I highly suggest you check out this pizza place the next time you’re craving some pizza.

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  • omk

    I went there this past Saturday for lunch and had a great experience as well. The caprese salad was delish and big portion. We sat outside but then it got a little chilly so we moved our $20 bottle of pinot grigio indoors. Will definitely go back!

  • Glad you liked it too! Another reader, Rich, also wrote to us mentioning the great wine bottle prices, which I failed to mention in my post. Thanks for bringing attention to it because let’s face it, a cheap (in restaurant terms of course) bottle of wine is a fantastic addition to any meal!

  • […] as I teased earlier this week in my write-up of Posto, I have a great new bar to share with all of you! 3 Steps, located on the same block, so 2nd Avenue […]

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