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Cheap Drink Specials Win Us Over At Manny’s On Second

I’m happy to report that I’ve found a new affordable (read: cheap) spot for my drinking: Manny’s on Second. I hit it up during the free hour open bar that’s hosted by I’m Not At Work at a new location each month, and lucky for us, this past month it was at this fine establishment (I take artistic license with “fine” here). Yes, it could be akin to Off the Wagon or Down the Hatch with its younger clientele and amazing drink specials, but thankfully it’s not quite that fratty. At least not during our visit.

Manny’s on Second is really up there between 92nd and 93rd and hidden by construction on Second Ave, but keep going because there is a little pocket of cheap drinking just behind the scaffolding. However, this will hardly be a deterrent for me after I move to my new apartment in two weeks (I am officially bringing authenticity back to the 89th and Broke name and moving to 89th St. – that is just a coincidence btw, I’m not actually that consumed with the blog that I would purposefully move to 89th St. for the sake of the blog).

Anyway, what really shocked me about this place were the drink specials. There are so many that the easiest way to get through them is to simply lay them out for you as such:

  • Monday – Friday: 4-7 pm, 1/2 priced well drinks, beer and wine; $3 Washington Apple shots, all night
  • Monday: $8 any non-premium pitcher, all night
  • Tuesday: $3 any non-premium bottled beer, $5 any imported bottled beer, all night
  • Wednesday: $3 any non-premium pint, $5 any imported pint, all night
  • Thursday: $3 for any well drink, all night
  • Friday: $1 pints and $4 pitchers (light beer only) from 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday: $20 for a brunch item, two drinks and live jazz music, 11:30 am – 4 pm

They also have seasonal deals. So right now they’re hosting a NY baseball special: if you bring in your game ticket stub (one stub per person, per day) on the day of a Mets or Yankee home game, you can get one free drink to drown your sorrows if NY loses and two free drinks to celebrate if NY wins (free drink = soda, well drink, glass of wine or light beer).

We also sampled some appetizers and I can only comment on the nachos. I thought they were very impressive looking and were pretty tasty overall, but my friends didn’t seem to be a huge fan of them. Some others also ordered grilled cheese (I think they were disappointed in the size of the sandwich), and there could have been a few other dishes ordered, but truth be told, I was too busy actively participating on the winning Flip Cup team. I hope I am never too old for a competitive game of Flip Cup. And I really like winning.

So anyway, this isn’t the place to go for great bar food (Manny’s on Second was never pretending to be a gastropub), but the food will do the trick if you are hungry.

In addition to the great drink specials, we also liked the space. Aesthetics wise there isn’t anything to really talk about, but it was spacious with enough tables and chairs to seat those who want to take it easy or eat. There’s also a separate room upstairs that was labelled as “the game room.” It apparently held some ping pong tables, arcade games and other toys to play with. It’s also important to note that all of the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, which is always a plus.

I can’t say I’d necessarily plan to spend a whole night here, but I could see myself easily get sucked into staying for the entire night due to these drink deals (and the proximity to my new apartment). Regardless, it’s a great, affordable spot to start your night at the very least. I think it’s definitely a good find and everyone in my group really enjoyed themselves. But with $1 drafts, who isn’t having fun?

The Basics:
Name: Manny’s on Second
Location: 1770 Second Avenue
Who to Bring: Friends, Coworkers
Price: $, great drink specials every Monday – Friday
Overall: On the deals themselves and the length of deals (all night) it’s 5 stars. Everything considered maybe 3.5 stars.

4 comments to Cheap Drink Specials Win Us Over At Manny’s On Second

  • Doug

    As someone who ordered a grilled cheese, I can provide some follow up info. Yes, the size was a bit small, but we only noticed because the bread to cheese ratio was so off. It was as if the place went out of its way to find the tiniest bread possible to save money, only to put about seven slices of cheese on it. Had they used normal bread and 1-2 slices of cheese, I think I would have been satisfied and I can only guess just as cost effective.

    Anyway, despite the imbalance, the sandwich was ‘fine’. However, as a cheap, simple snack prior to a night of drinking, it did its job and hit the spot, setting up a good night. I would certainly consider it as a meal next time around. Moreover, the fries were very good and they were very generous with the portion. And, there was a pickle, which was nice.

    Completely agree that this is a great spot to start off a night. On Fridays from 7-9 you can’t beat $4 pitchers and drinking games to get the night going. Considering I was out until about 4 a.m. that night, I guess this place set a solid foundation. Good find Caryn.

  • Alicia

    I thought the nachos were pretty good. They weren’t the best I’ve had, but they were decent. I also got the grilled buffalo chicken tenders (I don’t know if that’s what they were actually called). They didn’t have the breading on them like traditional tenders (although that was another menu option), and they were really tasty. I don’t think they were worth what they cost though- I think they were something like 7 or 8 dollars for 5 tenders, whereas the nachos were about the same price and easily fed three people.

  • I’d also like to add for those who used to live on the UES (cough cough myself cough cough) Manny’s is where Blondie’s used to be.

  • I just found your blog through Google and am loving it. I’m going to share this with all of my friends.

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