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Brooklyn’s New Hidden Treasure: The Bedford

Yesterday, my friends Katharine, Yael and I decided it’d be the perfect day to visit several bars and drink Riesling as part of the Riesling Bar Crawl.  Problem was, we forgot the World Cup was on, so every time we went to check out a bar, it was either crowded or closed, since it was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Photo courtesy of Yelp

As we strolled up North 10th in Williamsburg, Katharine found a nameless restaurant with a beautiful bar and we headed inside.  As we walked in, I felt this place was immediately like Cheers – everybody wanted to know our name.  The bartenders in the front of the restaurant asked us if we had been there before, and sent us to the back of the restaurant to meet another bartender, who asked where we lived and how we found this place.  We eventually found out that this establishment was called The Bedford and served New American cuisine – and yes, it had Riesling.

We settled in at the bar, ordered our glasses of Riesling and met one of the owners, Antonio.  Antonio explained the restaurant was three weeks old.  It has a great old-school feel to it (like you expect a man in his 50s to be next to you drinking a Scotch with a cigar), and is a pretty big space.  In addition to seating at the two bars and at the table, there were these leather arm chairs you could sit in.

While sipping on our Riesling (and yes, I loved that a bar actually invited us to sample it first), Katharine decided mussels would be a good afternoon treat.  I didn’t even know I liked mussels, but they were delicious at the Bedford.  These were served in a sauce that contained chunks of chorizo, and it was exciting when you pulled a mussel out and you got some bits of chorizo in the shell as well, since it was a great combination.  The toasted bread on the side was a wonderful addition, and we may have had three more plates of bread delivered to us since we weren’t going to let this sauce go to waste.  In addition to the bread, there was a salad served on the side, which was basically a plate of greens.  While Katharine loved the dressing, I found it to be way too salty – it was as if vinegar and salt had been dumped all over it.  Plus, it wasn’t like traditional lettuce – one of us may have called it dandelion leaves – so if on a date, avoid this dish.  As far as price went, this entree was $17.  We also sampled the french fries, which were very well-seasoned.  Ketchup and mayo were served with the fries.  These two items caused us to be pretty full but keep in mind we had snacks about an hour before at another bar so we weren’t super hungry.

As someone who used to live in Williamsburg, I can honestly say The Bedford is a great addition to the neighborhood, and if you are looking for good food, friendly service and a spacious dining environment, you should check it out.  And if you do, swing by the ATM first since this place is cash-only.

The Basics
Name: The Bedford
Location: 110 Bedford Ave, between North 11th and North 10th
Who to bring: Date, Friends
Price: Between $15-$30 an entree.  Burgers were $15, Rib-eye was $29. $$.
Overall: 4.5 Stars.  Anyone want to go to Williamsburg?

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