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Crazy Cheap Happy Hour & Deal Alert at McCormick and Schmick’s!

Last year McCormick and Schmick’s offered a great Reel to Reel promotion – buy your entree and tack on another $5 to get a movie ticket. And yesterday we tweeted that over the holiday weekend, they were throwing in the movie ticket for free on top of your entree purchase.

But if you didn’t get to the restaurant in time, don’t feel too bad because at least the Reel to Reel promotion is back through September 30th. Your movie ticket will be valid at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 on 42nd between 7th and 8th Avenues.

*Editor’s Note: This deal is valid at several locations. Here’s a list of participating restaurants and theaters: http://www.mccormickandschmicks.com/Libraries/Misc_Documents/Theater_List_-_For_Website_-_UPDATED.sflb.ashx.

And if you want to get a real bang for your buck, head over early for their unbeatable Happy Hour (at the bar only). You can get a cheap drink or two, as well as some apps, making it a very affordable seafood dinner with a movie ticket to boot.

*Editor’s Note: The happy hour is also valid at all locations. To check out your specific Happy Hour menu, go to the website, select your location, go to menus and then look up the Happy Hour menu.

So what exactly do I mean by cheap? I’m talking about $2 spinach and artichoke dip, $3 half-pound cheeseburger and fries, $4 buffalo wings and $5 Moroccan fish brochette (a swordfish dish that our waitress raved about), for example. Since the happy hour is Monday-Friday from 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm and then 9:30 pm – close, I thought yesterday was the perfect time to head over for an early dinner (usually I’d be cutting it too close with work).

Since I’m currently on antibiotics I can’t really comment on the drinks, but I wasn’t terribly disappointed since the specials aren’t that outstanding anyway (note: there is a $3.50 beverage minimum regardless of if you’re drinking alcohol or not). Sadly my dining partner, Doug, and I didn’t experiment much with the menu since we were immediately hooked on the blackened fish tacos ($2 each). During our first round I ordered the fish taco and he tried the chorizo pastries ($2). The chorizo pastries also had pepperoni in them and came with a marinara sauce which was nice, but my favorite part wasn’t the flavor of the filling, but instead the flakiness of the pastry. They were good, but nothing amazing.

The blackened fish taco, on the other hand, was awesome. It was folded down like a small quesadilla and while there wasn’t a ton of filling (but let’s get real here, it cost $2), it was delicious. The best part was the great spiciness of the fish filling, adding a great flavor dynamic to the taco. I cannot imagine going back to McCormick and Schmick’s and not ordering the blackened fish tacos.

We split the peel and eat shrimp with cocktail sauce ($5) for our second round. We were probably served 20-30 shrimp that were small to medium size. They weren’t seasoned or anything, and I didn’t mind peeling the shrimp (it was really easy since they sliced the shell for you), so for the quantity of shrimp served, you simply cannot find a better value.

We finished up by each ordering more blackened fish tacos…I couldn’t help it. I really wanted to experiment and try something else off the menu but it was so darn good that I had to order a second. Doug tried a bite of my first taco and loved it as well, so he got one for himself. We both said that for $6, three of these would make an awesome dinner.

Add in my diet coke and his kiwi watermelon drink ($3.50 and $5, respectively), our total bill was about $23 after tax. This Happy Hour is really unique and something that everyone should take advantage of!
McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

4 comments to Crazy Cheap Happy Hour & Deal Alert at McCormick and Schmick’s!

  • Carly

    Do you know if the happy hour deal is just at that one NYC location listed at the bottom of the menu or if it’s for all locations? Thanks!

  • Doug

    Caryn – definitely spot on with this review. This may have been the most spectacular deal I have experienced in awhile. The only bad part was not being hungry enough to try everything on the menu. You already noted the swordfish, but the tuna roll, sliders and baked oysters all sounded delicious too. Also, the kiwi lemonade also hit the spot on a 95 degree day. Strangely it was the most expensive thing we ordered all day, but still, after spending only $14, including tax and tip, on 3 dishes and a drink, I was more than satisfied.

  • Kiwi watermelon drink? Man up, Douglas.

  • Doug

    It was a Kiwi flavored lemonade Laura. Please don’t be jealous of my sophisticated palate.

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