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Ruth’s Chris is Fabulous for Restaurant Week

The day following All Jacked Up, my roommate and I thought we might be a bit sluggish, so we took the day off from work.  With Restaurant Week going on, we figured we’d spend the afternoon taking in a nice lunch at a steakhouse, since steakhouses usually provide the best value during this week.

Certain steakhouses weren’t offering filets on the lunch menu, but luckily, Ruth’s Chris was offering a petit filet on the lunch menu.  We headed over with a big group for a late lunch and since it was the middle of the day, started off with some diet cokes.  While we waited for our party to arrive, we snacked on some bread.  The first loaves of bread that we got were very warm, and were toasted nicely.  Unfortunately since it was almost the end of lunch service, the bread wasn’t coming out as frequently as I would have liked (I love carbs), and when I requested another loaf with my soup, it was a little hard, since it must have been toasted earlier.  But honestly, the bread was my only complaint of the meal.

For an appetizer, you could choose between a corn and crab meat chowder, or a house salad.  I went with the soup and thought it was delicious, with great chunks of crab meat.  I sampled the salad as well and thought the soup was the better of the two choices, but those eating salad at the table thought it was very good and mentioned they really enjoyed the dressing.

What I loved about Ruth’s Chris was unlike other steakhouse experiences, Ruth’s Chris actually includes your choice of a side with your entree.  And these weren’t small portions, but rather full size-side dishes, so if you were on a date, I’d recommend ordering one of each because there will be plenty to share. I ordered the creamed spinach and thought it was excellent.  Sometimes restaurants can make their creamed spinach a little cheesey, but this wasn’t very heavy on the cheese (read: so I didn’t enter into a food coma).  Also, the waiter was kind enough to bring out a side of steamed broccoli on the house.

The filet at Ruth’s Chris was 6 ounces, but between the appetizer and dessert, it was enough.  I ordered mine rare, and everyone was worried it’d be too red for my liking. The steak though is brought out to you on such a hot plate that the moment you cut into it and put the center of the meat on the plate, it continues cooking.  Ruth’s Chris also cooks their steak in butter, so it tastes amazing.  Unfortunately, Ruth’s Chris also is required to put the caloric intake of each item, so my advice is to not even open the regular menu, but rather stare directly at the Restaurant Week menu so you don’t feel guilty.

Dessert was “Ruth’s Chris Special Dessert.”  As someone who studies menus before going into a meal like someone studying for the Bar exam, I was a bit worried.  However, dessert was great.  On our plates we were given two items – one being berries in a sweet cream sauce, and the other was chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell.  The mousse was the perfect portion – not too much that it felt too heavy, and the blueberries and whipped cream were a wonderful compliment.  My personal favorite though was the berries in the sweet cream sauce.  The sweet cream sauce to me tasted exactly like a thinner version of cake batter.  The strawberries, the blueberries and the raspberries were to die for in this sauce.  I pretty much licked the plate clean.

For Restaurant Week, lunch at Ruth’s Chris is an incredible value at $24.07, considering that the same menu for lunch is served at dinner for $35.  Still, I enjoyed every course, and would definitely return for the $35 dinner.  In the past, I snubbed my nose at Ruth’s Chris since it is a chain, but I wish I listened to my friend Amy’s recommendation sooner and tried it out – you won’t be disappointed.

(Plus, Ruth’s Chris offers a $39.95 three-course seasonal menu year-round if you don’t have time to check it out this week!)

The Basics
Name: Ruth’s Chris
Location:  148 W. 51st St between 6th and 7th
Who to Bring: Friends, Dates, Clients, Parents
Price:  With tax and tip, came to lower $30s. $$$$
Overall:  One of my better Restaurant Week experiences. 5 Stars.

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