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Donnybrook Brunch is Perfect for Lightweights

Photo courtesy of Yelp

After discussing brunch for a few weeks, I decided to meet up with my friend Tim one Sunday for brunch and drinks.  Since it was just the two of us, we knew we didn’t need to take advantage of an all you can drink deal, so when we stumbled into the Donnybrook on the Lower East Side that offered three complimentary drinks with brunch, we were sold.

I’ll be honest – the Donnybrook’s brunch  menu was not extensive, and I was really only drawn to two entrees- the omelet and the salad (note that there was a bigger menu than what is on the website).  I typically make my ordering decision based on what is on my salad or sandwich or what accompanies an entree, so when I saw a salad with bacon, tomatoes, onions, avocado, hardboiled eggs, chicken and blue cheese with a balsamic dressing, I was sold.  Tim on the other hand went for the Donnybrook, since he likes to order signature dishes.  This was a warm sandwich with Irish ham, Dubliner cheese and a tomato and came with chips.

While we waited for our food, we both commented that the restaurant was really cool – temperature-wise.  It was very humid out, so it was nice to be in a restaurant that wasn’t shy about blasting the AC.  The restaurant wasn’t crowded around noon on a Sunday, so we got a huge table to ourselves which would have been perfect for 6 of us, rather than just us two.  We also enjoyed our choice of complimentary mimosas, screw drivers and bloody marys. We got mimosas and our waitress was always there, ready to fill our glass.

My salad was absolutely delicious.  It was so filling and I loved that the toppings (aka my favorite part) heavily outweighed the lettuce to the point where Tim asked if there was even any lettuce.  Everything tasted super fresh and the dressing was so flavorful that just a little bit went a long way.  I had a bite of Tim’s sandwich too, which was essentially a grilled ham and cheese.  This was good as well, but I have to say I felt like my salad was definitely the winner.

The bill came and it was $15 a person with tax and tip.  If you are looking to enjoy a brunch with a few beverages, the Donnybrook is a great place to go.  If you are looking to drink a bit more, you may want to head to another brunch spot.  I’ll be honest though – I’m a lightweight, and this place was perfect.  Three drinks made me sleepy, but all I needed was a 5 minute nap to recharge, where usually I’m down for a few hours after an all you can drink brunch.  So if you are a lightweight and not looking to kill your whole afternoon, Donnybrook is for you.

The Basics
Name: The Donnybrook
Location: 35 Clinton St between Rivington and Stanton
Who to bring: Friends
Price: $$ 10-15 an entree.
Overall: 4 Stars.  Great brunch trip!

Donnybrook on Urbanspoon

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