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Loving the Sandwiches at Local

For lunch yesterday,  my office decided to change it up and instead of our usual Subway run, we went to Local.  Local is a little cafe in “South Village” as Yelp calls it.   The place is small with about three tables, but if you work in the area, it is great for a quick takeout spot.

There were different salads, smoothies and sandwiches on the menu and I was surprised to see the cafe also had a dinner menu.  Interestingly enough, the dinner menu was pretty much the same price as the lunch menu, although offering different options.  I could get a pasta entree at dinner for about the same price I could get a sopressata sandwich, which was around $9.  Unfortunately, this is the going rate for sandwiches in the hood – even our local Subway doesn’t offer a 12 inch turkey sub as a $5 footlong.

I ordered a sopressata and fresh mozzarella sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and oil and vinegar.  I waited no more than 2 minutes for my freshly made sandwich, and was on my way back to the office.  My initial thoughts when I unwrapped my sandwich was that it was pretty small.  Now I’ve eaten at Olive’s before and Alidoro, and those sandwiches are a beast in comparison.

Still, I loved the simplicity of my sandwich.  It allowed me to experience and taste every component of the sandwich.  The sandwich didn’t fall apart, so each bite had the perfect amount of lettuce, tomato, mozzarella and sopressata.  It was actually one of the more enjoyable sandwiches I had in awhile.  Also, if you are familiar with an Italian sandwich, most of the time you are left thirsty for hours after eating it due to all the salt.  I didn’t have that problem though with this sandwich from Local and I think the slices of tomato and lettuce kept the sandwich refreshing and not on the salty side. If you work down in this area (which is basically my office and my friend, Dave), add Local to your lunch rotation.

The Basics
Name: Local
Location: 144 Sullivan St, between Houston and Prince
Who to bring: Self, Co-workers (do not bring more than one friend if you want to dine-in)
Price: $ Under $10 for a sandwich (and some dinner options)
Overall: 4 Stars.  Would have loved a little bit bigger sandwich for the price.  Delicious though!

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