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Cajun Style Pizza? Works For Me!

I’ve heard a ton about Two Boots pizza over the past few years (and we’ve even shared some Deal Alerts), but for some unknown reason I had never been there before. That changed a few weeks ago when my boyfriend discovered there was one a few blocks from me and insisted that we go.

We went on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and the UES spot is nice enough with some standard pizzeria tables. There’s a lot of color to help add to the festive atmosphere, but in the end it is physically just another pizza place. But what is far more important is the quality of the pizza, and I was immediately impressed with the unique pizza combos offered. Pizzas labeled with quirky names and famous faces enticed me, particularly Night Tripper (sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic and jalapeno pesto on a white pizza), The Newman (yes, that Newman, with sopressata and sweet Italian sausage on a white pizza), and The Bird (spicy buffalo wings, blue cheese dressing, scallions and jalapenos on a white pizza).

Unfortunately we came after the lunch rush, so there weren’t any fresh pizzas right out of the oven and our selections were limited since the pizza was picked over. Nonetheless we decided to try the The Newman and Mr. Pink (marinated chicken, plum tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella), and because The Night Tripper’s jalapeno pesto sounded so good, we decided to get a side of that as well. Simple things like soda in glass bottles excite me, so we also ordered a Boylan’s Diet Root Beer to wash it down.

My boyfriend mentioned prior to going that he absolutely loved the crust of Two Boots pizza, and I have to say, I agree. We asked the man at the counter what they do to it, and it appears that’s it’s simply a cornmeal dusting on the dough. I don’t know if there’s more to it or not, but it was delicious. The pizza itself was really good too, but The Newman was far superior. I love Italian cured meats and spicy sausage, so I was expecting The Newman to be good.  However, I felt they were a little stingy on the sausage and next time I hope there is more than just a few crumbles of sausage on my pizza. The Mr. Pink was standard pizza with chicken on it, nothing to get too excited about. But we added the jalapeno pesto to both pizzas, mostly Mr. Pink, to give it some life.

I’m fairly traditional with pesto so I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the jalapeno pesto, but it was a really nice surprise. It was spicy, but not overwhelming, bursting with flavor and really bringing the pizza to a new level. And again, when the pizza wasn’t freshly made for us, it was an easy way to make the pizza even tastier.

The whole meal cost us under $10, making it a good lunch spot. There are several locations in the city (and even Connecticut and LA), making it a mini-chain, but definitely one of the good kinds. I poked around a bit on the website and it looks like the LES location is now a bar too and aptly renamed Two Boots Tavern, serving up the popular pizza, po’ boys and salads, along with bar snacks (think Cajun pigs in a blanket), and a full bar to complement the newly added flat screen TVs for your sports-viewing pleasure.

The Basics
Name: Two Boots pizza
Location: Several in the city
Who to bring: No one, a friend, roommate, a cheap date
Price: Standard pizza prices, $
Overall: Very good, but next time I hope it blows my two boots off. 3.5 Stars.

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2 comments to Cajun Style Pizza? Works For Me!

  • McKenna Lowry

    I think Two Boots can be a bit expensive, but whenever I’m waiting for a train at Grand Central and even slightly hungry, I gravitate to Two Boots. Love it.

    And by the way, Dominoes also uses cornmeal on their crust.

  • Dory

    I ordered Two Boots last night after reading your post! It was $27.49 for a large (including tax & tip) – ouch. We got Cleopatra Jones (sausage, peppers, onions and mozz). I thought it was delicious but almost too thin in the middle. There was not enough cheese in the middle either. Wah. Still yummy.

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