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Petey’s Burger Disappoints

A couple nights ago, I was heading out to dinner in Astoria and figured I’d check out Petey’s Burger, which has been listed as the best new burger in NYC by Time Out New York.

The restaurant is a fast-food establishment, where you order your burger at the counter, and then they call your receipt number once ready.

Now I’ve never been to In-N-Out, but a few people have compared this burger joint to the infamous California burgers. If these burgers taste anything like those at In-N-Out, I have no desire to ever try that establishment.

I ordered a cheeseburger, which came with a special sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. I found the burger to beoverpowered with onion, and extremely greasy. And let’s just say, I love onions, so for me to say it was a lot is a big deal. What was even a bigger disappointment was the special sauce was tasteless to me.

You can get a combo at Petey’s for $7.99 where fries and a drink are included. Drinks are served in cans (we could have used some fountain soda) and the fries were more than enough to split between two people. The fries were pretty good, a much deeper coloring though like the oil in the fryer hadn’t been changed in awhile.

The whole experience made me feel like I was watching last week’s Kentucky/Uconn game, and I seriously wanted to chant “overrated.” If you were thinking of going to Petey’s after reading that TONY article, pop into your local Wendy’s and get a junior bacon cheese – it’s significantly better.

(Chad and John, I hope we can still be friends).

The Basics
Name: Petey’s Burger
Location: 30-17 30th Avenue, between 31st St and 30th St
Who to Bring: Friends, Self
Price: $ Less than $10 for a burger, drink and fries
Overall: The company was the saving grace.  2 stars.

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