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Solid Meal at Village Lobster and Crabhouse

It’s a tradition at work when a new guy starts, we all go to lunch as a group.  As the only girl in the office and a lover of restaurants, I naturally am the one to pick the place.  This time, I thought we’d try the new Village Lobster and Crabhouse.  The restaurant is so brand new that it has a preview menu available.

Right now, the place is cash only, and offers a two-course lunch prix-fixe for $14.95.  Alternatively, you can get a three course meal for $19.95 or $29.95 during dinner hours.  Currently, Village Lobster and Crabhouse is cash only.

We walked in, and the place is pretty spacious with dozens of tables and several booths. I liked the decor too – the lights hanging above the bar were made from old cans (think industrial size tomato cans).  There was some nautical themes here and there, but it wasn’t close to cheesy.  There were plenty of tvs too if you wanted to watch a game.

I decided for my meal to go with the New England clam chowder and then the Maryland crab cake.  Prior to receiving our food, some bread came out as well, which was a nice touch.  The bread was pretty good, could have been a bit warmer, but it was good.

The clam chowder was ordered by everyone at our table and we all agreed that it was heavier on the clamsthen most places.  Often, I find that clam chowder is mostly potatoes, so it was nice to see lots of clams.  But see, that’s the problem – I could see the clams.  A few of us would have preferred a thicker, creamier, chowder.  If you like more of a runnier NE chowdah, consider getting the chowder here.

I was a little surprised that my crab cake was a crab cake sandwich, since it didn’t indicate that on the menu.  I knew it came with fries and coleslaw, but thought it’d be just on the plate with accompanying sides.  On top of the crab cake was lettuce and tomato.  The crab cake was good and was refreshing with the tomato.  I wish the crab meat could have been a tad sweeter.  Regarding the sides, the fries were good paired with malt vinegar.  The coleslaw I could have done without – there was an aftertaste after a forkful of coleslaw.  I can’t tell you what it was, but all I know is that it wasn’t my favorite.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Village Lobster and Crabhouse, and I know they are working out any kinks between now and the official opening.  I thought the preview menu was a pretty good deal for seafood, and while I thought the food was good, I wasn’t blown away or have that feeling like I need to go back anytime soon.  It just wasn’t memorable enough for me.  Still, if you work near that part of the Village like I do, there aren’t a ton of places right off the 1 to entertain clients or potential business partners, so this restaurant may be the perfect place if you need to have a nice lunch without breaking the bank.

The Basics
Name:  Village Lobster and Crabhouse
Location: 225 Varick St between Downing St. and S. 7th Ave
Who to Bring: Co-workers, Friends
Price: $$ $14.95 for two courses
Overall: 3 Stars.  Solid.

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2 comments to Solid Meal at Village Lobster and Crabhouse

  • Roby2000

    When will they be getting a full menu? How long has their preview menu been in, over 6 months? I usually don’t eat both appetizer and dessert.

  • Hi there – I would call and ask them if the full menu is available. This post was from November and I haven’t stopped back in yet, so am not sure. Thanks for reading!

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