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DiWine is the Perfect Date Spot

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If you are in Astoria and looking for a date spot, look no further than DiWine.  I went to DiWine last Monday, and this wine bar was pretty quiet (I’ve heard it gets busier especially towards the weekend).  The cool thing about it being kind of empty was that we were able to snag these booths that had cushioned seats, and curtains draping over the booths to create an intimate atmosphere.

DiWine offers wine by the glass ($8) as well as by the bottle ($32).  If you would prefer a cocktail, they offer a selection of specialty drinks – like different kinds of martinis and things like that ($9).  I prefer really sweet wines (which is funny, because Caryn hates them), and I went with a Riesling which was perfect to my liking.  If you are looking to indulge in a few drinks, DiWine also offers a Happy Hour from 5-8pm, where if you buy two drinks, you’ll get one free (Sunday – Thursday) or if you have a Why Leave Astoria? card, you’ll receive your second drink for free.  Keep in mind this only applies to the person who is the cardholder.

Now on to the food.  What makes DiWine a perfect date spot is that the menu is very conducive to sharing.  There are different tapas available (like calamari, scallops, mac and cheese, etc) and then there are brick oven pizzas.  We went with a $12 pizza, which was the perfect size to share if you aren’t looking to feel completely stuffed.  The pizzas are a little bit more eccentric than your typical margherita, and we decided to split a Smokey Swine – which was applewood smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes and gorgonzola.  The pizzas are a little on the messy side, so you’ll definitely need a fork and a knife until you get to the crust – aka you’ll keep it somewhat classy if you choose DiWine as a date spot.  The pizza though was pretty good, and I’d love to go back to try the other pizza we were thinking about sampling – the Gigi which had smoked beef, capers and mushrooms.

The servers didn’t rush us at all, so it was nice that we were able to take our time and enjoy our drinks and meal.  I’d also love to come back and try DiWine for brunch.  For $13, you get a brunch entree, a coffee and a cocktail, and for $6 more, you can do all you can drink for two hours.  A pretty good deal for $19 if I do say so myself – especially when Bellinis are on the menu.

The Basics
Name: DiWine
Location: 41-15 31st Ave, Astoria
Who to Bring: Date, Friends (for brunch)
Price: $$$ Food is between $12 – $26
Overall: There’s a reason people are voting it best date spot in Astoria.  5 stars.

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